Common Sense in Concord

By Ken Mailloux

It has been my distinct honor to know Mario Ratski since he wrote a letter to the editor of the Concord Monitor in 2012 stating he wanted to run for office to put some “common sense” back into the workings of the Legislature in Concord. This, coming at the end of the 2010 legislature, seemed a daunting task at best.

The first time I met Mario he asked if there was one overriding issue which, if corrected, might benefit the entire town. I mentioned that “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” would benefit the entire region, not just the Town of Salisbury. This is tax money owed by Massachusetts concerning the dams on the Merrimack River which control the flooding of towns further south, thus saving millions of dollars in property damage and possible human lives.

Mario took this question, analyzed it, and drafted an equitable bill to get some legally owed money back to the towns and their people. This is a small example of Mario trying to do his best for his constituents.

I have found Mario to be very thoughtful and concerned for all the voters, regardless of party preference, as  he wants to do the right thing. I was pleased to vote for Mario two years ago, and I am even happier that he decided to run for another term. I’m sure he will be even more effective now that he understands the job in clearer detail.

Ken Mailloux