They Listen to All Points of View

By Donald & Mary-Lou Hinman

Danbury, Andover, and Salisbury have been very fortunate to have had Mario Ratzki and David Karrick as our representatives to the New Hampshire House these past two years, and we urge their re-election this November.

They both have been present at most, if not all, the public gatherings here in Danbury: Grange Fairs, our lecture series, Old Home Day celebrations, and public and private meetings of various groups. In all cases, they have listened to what their constituents said and have acted accordingly.

Our past experience here was that we saw our representative once, or maybe twice, before election day and not again until the next election cycle. If you want representatives who will listen to all points of view, weigh what they have heard, and then act in your town’s interest, Mario and David deserve your vote.

Donald and Mary-Lou Hinman