Difficult Doing Business in NH

I am writing in support of Kathy Rago for State Senate, District 7. As a small business owner in the Lakes Region, I have found it becoming more difficult to do business in New Hampshire, with higher and higher fuel costs and the increasing fees that I am charged by the state for simply doing business here.

I was recently told by a former DOT worker that the highway fund would have plenty of money to fix our roads if our elected officials would stop siphoning the funds to use elsewhere. I don’t believe that the 4% gas tax increase that her opponent, Andrew Hosmer, voted for was needed at all. To fix the roads, why don’t we just to stop taking funds from their intended use and start using taxpayer money wisely? And why not stop adding new taxes to cover the misuse of funds?

I trust an accountant and fiscal conservative with a background in budgeting to not play fast and loose with our hard-earned tax dollars. Please join me and vote for Kathy Rago on Tuesday, November 4.

Gary Auger
Lakes Region business owner