Common Core State Standards Restrict Students and Teachers

By Terry Cox, Webster

Senator Andrew Hosmer wants New Hampshire to adopt Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These standards very profoundly restrict students and teachers:

  • New Hampshire, and therefore parents, abandon local control over curricula and standards which measure academic standings. Parents’ rights to oversee their children’s education are stolen. Students’ rights to be prepared for the ever-more complex world are stolen as well.
  • Teacher evaluations are linked to student performance on standardized tests, regardless of the type of students the teacher has. Reputations are held ransom to “teaching to the test.” This clearly marginalizes the teaching profession and pits teachers against students.
  • CCSS does not prepare students for worldwide job competition. James Milgram, officially voting against CCSS, said it will put them behind instead. The US used to be tops in education worldwide; how low will we become with CCSS?
  • CCSS poorly prepares students for four-year colleges needed to enter graduate schools and get the higher-paying jobs. The man who drafted CCSS’ math standards said college “readiness” is minimal. This creates distinct disadvantages in competing for these college slots. CCSS math does not even prepare for college calculus without remedial courses!  (Source:

Every single New Hampshire student has a right to expect education that prepares him or her for any vocation or further education he or she wants. No exceptions. They don’t need inferior federal standards to compete.

A vote for Senator Hosmer is a vote for CCSS.  A vote for Kathy Rago will stop the stranglehold that is CCSS.