Letter: Attend Budget Hearings

By Tina Cotton

Town, school, fire, and water district budgets are shown in your tax bill. All fall, the various boards and committees have been formulating their budget requests for the Budget Committee’s consideration.

Meetings are open for the public to have input on these proposed budgets. Final public hearings and deliberations of the Budget Committee will be held at 7 PM on Wednesday, January 9, for the fire, water, and Town budgets; and on Wednesday, January 16 for the School District budget.

Many townspeople have spent hours determining what numbers should come before the voters for final votes in March.

The past few years, motions have been made to cut the budget 10% or 5%. It’s a slap in the face to blatantly ignore all the prior time and difficult decisions made by dozens of people these past few months.

Why don’t these “percentage-budget-cutters” come to board and committee meetings beforehand to have direct input as to where they would like to see cuts?

See you in January?