Top 20 Reasons to Support The Andover Beacon

There's a lot to like about the Beacon

By A Loyal Beacon Supporter

Polite letters to the editor!

A whole lot of pages, every issue!

High-quality paper and large type!

Absence of political rants and raves!

Spelling and grammer correct, mostly!

You only have to read it once a month!

The “Beacon Members Win!” giveaways!

You get it free – whether you want it or not!

Lots of photos, most in focus, many in color!

Minimal use of exclamation points in headlines!

The happy faces of local kids doing good things!

Great as a fire-starter! Not so hot as freezer wrap!

The staff will put your donation to really good use!

The (mostly) monthly “Andover Naturally” column!

Keeps Charlie Darling off the streets, and off the stilts!

No scandal-mongering, bad-mouthing, finger-pointing!

Helps organizations reach their members, and the public!

More committee minutes than a normal person could digest!

Gives local advertisers the targeted audience they need to thrive!

And, most importantly, it’s the glue that holds our community together!