Run for Town Office in 2015!

Your community needs you to step up!

With Town Meeting coming up in March, it’s time to think about who’s going to fill all the positions in town government and in the school district to keep the wheels turning smoothly. The following is a run-down of what offices will be on the ballot in March and what the incumbents may be planning.

Town Officers

Selectman for three years: Jim Danforth is the incumbent.

Budget Committee for three years (two positions): James Delaney and Arch Weathers are the incumbents. Jim does not intend to run; Arch intends to run.

Library Trustee for three years (two positions): Shirley Currier and Anne Hewitt are the incumbents. Neither Shirley nor Anne intends to run.

Trustee of the Trust Funds for three years: Sarah Whitehead is the incumbent.

Cemetery Trustee for three years: This position is currently vacant.

The Town paid positions up for election this year are:

  • Selectman: $1,500 per year

School District Officers

  • School Board for three years (two positions): Don Gould and Michelle Dudek are the incumbents. Michelle intends to run again.
  • Moderator for one year: Betsy Paine is the incumbent.
  • Clerk for one year: Christie Coll is the incumbent.
  • Treasurer for one year: Shirley Currier is the incumbent and intends to run again.

The School District paid positions up for election this year are:

  • School Board: $100 per year
  • Moderator: $60 per annual meeting
  • Clerk: $13.83 per hour
  • Treasurer: $1,000 per year

How To File

Filing to run for office is very easy. There is no filing fee for any position.

The filing period for these positions begins on Wednesday, January 21, and ends on Friday, January 30. The filing form can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall during her normal business hours.