VNAs Are Not Part Of One Large Agency

Lake Sunapee Region VNA press release

Not all Visiting Nurse Associations are the same. We’re not all part of the same agency.

It’s true, many people think that there’s “One Big VNA” and that we’re all part of that larger agency, like the United Way or the Community Action Program. In reality, there are several VNAs in our region, each one unique and independently owned and operated.

Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice, as well as many other VNAs, are Medicare-certified and not-for-profit, meaning that their approval to operate and their funding are tied to federal dollars. Not-for-profit VNAs are required to report annually on the community benefit that they provide, which includes both low-cost and free services.

Consumers, in turn, have a choice of what agency they choose for their home care or hospice services. If you’re in a hospital and it is recommended that you go home with home care or hospice services, you have the right to choose who will provide this care. If you don’t have a preference for a particular agency, then the professional helping with your discharge plan should offer a list of agencies that provide services to your town of residence.

It’s your choice! If you have a preference, make that clear. If you don’t have a preference, ask questions about your options to be sure that your needs will be met once you’re home and healing. Discharge planners and social workers are a great source of knowledge about community resources and can usually guide you well if you’re in need of care at home.

For more information about services and programs offered by Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice and by other VNA and hospice programs, give our office a call at 526-4077. We’d be happy to speak with you.