Recreation Committee Minutes, November 13, 2012

Condensed from approved minutes

The meeting began at 7:40 PM. Present were committee members Nicole Donovan, Tom Frantz, Darryl Furtkamp, Christine Frost, Pat Frost, Ellie George, Howard George, Alan Hanscom, and Brian Reynolds.

The October minutes were accepted by the committee.

The committee members discussed and approved starting the monthly meetings earlier than 7:30, especially during the winter season. Until further notice, all Recreation Committee meetings will start at 7 PM.


A discussion of the current status of the budget included an overview by Alan Hanscom, treasurer. The committee discussed the cost of the ice rink as well as some needed expenditures, including fence repairs at Blackwater Park, raising the right field fence to 8 feet to protect spectators, grading the parking lot, the need for basketball supplies (basketballs and uniforms) and whether these and any other costs could be paid for in 2012 rather than carried into next year.

Darryl Furtkamp said that he would need approximately 40 shirts for basketball and 10 basketballs. The committee voted to approve expenditure up to$700 for basketball supplies.

The committee also voted to approve an expenditure of up to, but not to exceed, $2,000 for material and work on the parking lot at Blackwater Park. The material cost was estimated at approximately $1,500 for 100 cubic yards.

After a discussion of the fence repair, the committee voted to approve up to $1,500 for its repair.



Nicole Donovan mentioned that this past season revealed the need for two referees at each game, especially for fifth and sixth grade games, and that some visiting teams were upset with the level of officiating. The need for a good clinic on officiating soccer was discussed. The cost of referees was also discussed. At $20 per ref per game, referee costs for 2013 would be $880 for 22 home games, a cost much higher than anticipated in the proposed 2013 budget.


Darryl Furtkamp gave an overview of the 2012-2013 basketball season. He mentioned that he was in discussions with the Quad Valley League, which includes teams from the Sunapee and New London area. It is a league that Andover had long participated in until leaving it for the Franklin league several years ago. He supported moving back to it, as the games were all on Saturdays, and the schedule provided more time for practice, but included fewer games.

The committee supported a move back to the Quad Valley League.

He also indicated that there were 25 boys signed up for the fifth and sixth grade boys team, only six girls signed up for the fifth and sixth grade girls team, 11 signed up for the third and fourth boys team, and 10 for the third and fourth girls team. Approximately 10 to 14 children were expected to participate in the first and second grade program.


Ellie George said that 98 children had signed up for the ski program as of the meeting date. Christine Frost discussed the need for a checklist for chaperones and whether chaperones and their group should wear arm bands to make it easier for each group to identify who is a member of their class.


A lengthy discussion involved the building and what design we were approving and its costs, especially in light of the upcoming meeting with the Budget Committee. There was general agreement that to keep costs down and to get the volunteer labor that was strongly supported earlier in the year, the building should be “stick built.” That was supported by the committee members, though the committee agreed that more detailed construction costs were still needed.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7 PM at AE/MS on December 11, 2012.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Frantz on behalf of Tim Norris, Secretary