Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance: Freedom Isn’t Free

By Sandra Williams, Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance

Sandra Williams delivered this speech at the October 23 meeting of the newly-formed Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance (ACFA) at the Masonic Hall in Potter Place. The ACFA plans to have another meeting there on Tuesday, November 27, at 7 PM. For more information, visit its page on Facebook, or contact Sandy at 735-5404 or

We, The People

Our forefathers wrote a beautiful document. It was not whimsical and overnight. They took time to study all governments and religions. Then they took what was good of all those and wrote our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, after much talk and deliberation. They saw that no rule of law was anarchy. Total government control was tyranny.

Over the past 100 years, people in Washington and local politics have gradually dwindled down the meaning of our great Constitution. They have provided for, and people have allowed themselves, to be used to break down the Constitution, belittling our faith and morals. This also breaks down our freedom. We have become an entitlement country.

Our forefathers saw in their study that people of faith and good moral standing were able to govern themselves under the rule of law. Government was supposed to be limited to the common defense, not a support-me government.

Our counterparts (liberal/progressive/socialist) are very well organized and are not afraid to fight for their cause. They do not compromise. We need to do the same thing. We can no longer sit back passively and hope that everything works out OK, that hopefully enough people will vote our way.

For that reason, my friends and I are inviting all of you to stand with us, to educate ourselves and others about our great Constitution, and stand up and fight for our Constitution and freedom, not just at the national level, not just at the local level, but at all levels.

Our ancestors came to this country to get away from oppressive governments (tyranny). They wanted freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. All our freedoms are God-given rights, not subject of others’ interpretations.

Don’t let all the hard work of our forefathers, whether the writers or the soldiers of the Revolution, be in vain. Freedom isn’t free. In a few weeks, we have some very important decisions and voting, both locally and nationally. Let freedom ring!