Andover Lions Club News, January 2013

Andover Food Pantry receives generous support

By Joyce Egge, Andover Lions Club

The Andover Lions Club wishes to thank all those who donated so generously to the Andover Food Pantry last month. Over $2,000 and many, many grocery bags of non-perishable food were received from individuals, families, schools, companies, and events. The food pantry continues to serve many folks in need and is a valuable resource in the community. We, as well as those who depend upon it, appreciate the support.

We just finished our annual calendar raffle and the middle school basketball tournament. Both events were a huge success, and many thanks to all for supporting these events and congratulations to the winners of both events.

Our Rose Sale will begin in February, with delivery at the end of March. Look for our table at the Town Meeting to purchase tickets, if not sooner from club members.

The Andover Lions Club will be awarding three scholarships to deserving college-bound high school students. Applications will be out in March and can be obtained from the high school guidance counselors or on The Andover Beacon Web site at They will be awarded to the recipients at the end of the school year. The Lions have several fundraising events during the year in order to be able to help finance these scholarships.

We welcome four new members to our club: Mario Ratzki, Caroline Moulton, Dan Coolidge, and Bill Kennedy. They are excellent additions to our club, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as members.

We will be hosting an Open House on Monday, April 22, at 6 PM at Naughty Nellie’s and welcome all interested parties to attend.