Conservation Commission Minutes, December 12, 2012

Present: Members Mary Anne Broshek, Larry Chase, Tina Cotton, Sandra Graves, Jerry Hersey

1. Minutes of the November 14 Andover Conservation Commission (ACC) meeting were approved as written.

2. Correspondence: Received copy of Complete Forestry Notification sent from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Resources to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department acknowledging receipt of Wetlands Minimum Impact Forestry Notification form for logging work to be done in the Kearsarge Wildlife Management Area.

3. Old Business

a. Mary Anne volunteered to seek help from Town Administrator Marj Roy in gaining access to a locked Town Hall filing cabinet containing ACC records.

b. Members completed a form recording observations made during their annual monitoring of the Newman easement. Tina agreed to send the completed form to L-CHIP.

c. Larry described his attendance at a December 8 workshop on how to give guided nature walks and talks sponsored by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and his participation in a Colby-Sawyer College student-led project on community resilience called the Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative.

4. New Business

a. Members identified three possible ACC meeting dates in January when members might meet with Amanda Stone and Tim Fleury from the UNH Cooperative Extension regarding the Taking Action for Wildlife program in which ACC will participate. Tina offered to finalize the date.

b. Larry described a solar-energy workshop for local homeowners to take place in January.

c. Using New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan mapping from New Hampshire Fish and Game for the highest-ranked wildlife habitats in New Hampshire and additional maps in the natural resources inventory appendix of Andover’s master plan, members identified five priority areas for conservation in Andover: the northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, and central sections of town. ACC will focus on landowner and public outreach in those areas with the assistance of the UNH Cooperative Extension.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:27 PM.