Candidates – Selectmen: Duncan Coolidge

I’m Duncan Coolidge, and I’m running for Selectman. I have been a resident of Andover for more than 30 years, so many of you may already know me. I’m running because I care greatly about this town and with my judgment, experience, and willingness to tackle complex problems, I would like to offer my service. Our small town is a wonderful community, and I am so glad that we made our home here among all the good people of Andover.

As a candidate for Selectman, I want to share my perspective on the job. With our town’s limited financial resources, living within our means is simply an essential reality. Complying with a host of state and federal requirements is necessary to avoid fines and service restrictions, and thoughtful planning and careful attention to frugal implementation can minimize costs. Everyone must be represented fairly so all of us have equal access to what our town has to offer. At the same time, each of us must respect and accept the responsibilities that go along with membership in our community.

There are many challenges, and I think new approaches to old problems are needed. Careful advance information gathering and planning need to be done in addition to addressing the day-to-day community needs. We can save money by thinking ahead – not beating out brushfires. As an example, developing an appropriate area of town-owned land to attract desirable manufacturing businesses can improve our tax revenue base. I think this is a better way to address our financial needs than continuing to rely so heavily on family property taxes. It can also provide local job opportunities for residents and reduce their commuting expenses.

I am hoping to serve you as a selectman, and if elected, I will work hard to repay your confidence serving everyone with respect and fairness. Best regards to all, Duncan