Rest of the Town Report: New Hampshire Circle of Home and Family

NHCHF met regularly in 2012. At our luncheons, we socialize and make new friends while enjoying delicious sandwiches and desserts. Our mission is “enriching the lives of home and family through knowledge, skills, and leadership.”

During the year:

  • We explored the history of soup – with samples.
  • The Magical Three taught us to make cleaning products from items found in the home.
  • We took an armchair visit to Ireland, complete with an Irish dinner followed by Irish coffee.
  • We hosted the state spring workshop at AE/MS and provided the refreshments. Donna Hartwell spoke about the restoration of the one-room schoolhouse in East Andover. This was followed by a site visit.
  • Spring brought a meeting on gardening tips and a plant swap.
  • In June, we discovered the benefit of hugs.
  • In September, we learned a little bit more about one-room schoolhouses.
  • In October, we planned our programs for 2013.
  • In November, we shared helpful hints, mostly about food.

Our state organization hosted a National Conference in Manchester. We had a chance to show off New Hampshire to the rest of the nation.

We draw our members from Andover and surrounding communities. We meet the third Monday of the month at noon from September to June. Interested parties may call 735-5493 for more information.