Andover Business Owner Helps Horses in Distress

Keeping horses out of rescues a priority

Press release

Local horsewoman and Tack Room owner Linda Barnes has been elected to serve as President of Becky’s Gift Equine Relief. Becky’s Gift is a non-profit 501(c)3 that was formed in the memory of Becky Lang, a young woman with a love for horses and a concern for their welfare.

Linda Barnes with her partner of 12-years a Morgan mare named Annie.
Linda Barnes with her partner of 12-years a Morgan mare named Annie.

The mission of Becky’s Gift is to provide short term assistance for the feeding and care of equines. During periods of difficult times, no matter what the cause, it is often the animals that suffer when their owner is faced with issues that interfere with their care. Becky’s Gift works with the owner to temporarily provide feed, veterinary care, and farrier services as needed.

Now going into their 8th year, Becky’s Gift has assisted hundreds of horses across New Hampshire. As a donation based organization staffed only by a team of dedicated volunteers, the task at times is daunting. According to Linda Barnes, “In many cases, the work of Becky’s Gift helps owners to be able to keep their beloved horses. And in so doing, some of these horses are spared being surrendered to already overcrowded rescues. It’s a win-win for all.”

To learn more about Becky’s Gift, or to download an application for assistance, go to their Web site @