After School Program Enjoys Winter, Celebrates Chinese New Year

By Diane Adams, Director, Andover After School Program
On one of the snow delays we had all of our Five-Alivers here at one time. This is a rare occasion. They were very happy to be together! Photo and caption: Diane Adams

Andover After School Program has been in full winter attire. We have added sledding and fort building to our list of activities. The nor’easter was enjoyed by the children a bit more than the adults, I’d say!

February was filled with a lot of love, hearts and penguins. We also made groundhog puppets and celebrated Chinese New Year with some noodles and chopsticks and a colorful dragon mask. Most of the noodles ended up on their shirt instead of in their mouth.

We had a few delays and snow days. We were glad to be open for all of these. We had quite a crew here on a couple of snow delays. The attendance on these days showed us how much the early delay opening is needed. I’m glad we can provide this service so parents can still get to work on time.

We were open on February vacation on various days and will be open on April vacation. If you are currently enrolled in our Andover Five Alive Program or Andover After School Program, you may sign up for any or all days of April vacation. We are open from 8 AM to 4 PM all week. You can sign up for one day or all five. Even if you only attend a couple of days a week to the program, you may take advantage of these days. If you have any questions about this service, feel free to call 735-6566 and ask for Diane.

In like a lion, out like a lamb!! Stay warm everyone, spring is on its way.