Andover After School Program News

Winter is a busy time

By Shawna Otis, AASP Director


Damien Jenifer, Nate Bain, Brody Hawks, and Brennen Dunklee taking a break after working together to build a fort with blankets and bean bags.

Over the last couple of months, there has been a lot of snow! The kids here at the Annex are enjoying every second of it! Sledding on the back hill is a fun activity that brings the kiddos together and gets a lot of laughs going.

Snow forts have been made, as well as life-size snowmen. The snow brings so much joy here at the Annex. We are enjoying as much of it as possible.

Inside, we have been just as busy. We made galaxy (calm-down) jars that were easy and effective. We’ve been enjoying the mounds of books in the library. We even started our own family of sea monkeys and our pet fish Mr. Bubbles is still swimming around.

If you would like your child to join in on the fun, contact Shawna at or 603-735-6566. We always love adding new members to our AASP family!