Fifty Years Ago in Andover: April 1967

Good old news from Andover, East Andover, Cilleyville,

Potter Place, West Andover

““““GOSSIP ““““ columns from the Franklin Journal Transcripts



Jokes, Riddles, Puns, and Poems

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers

Bring? Answer: Pilgrims

What do you get when you plant kisses?

Answer: Tu-lips

April is made of such wonderful things,

Sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.

Andover Service Club will meet on Wednesday, April 12th in Mollie Bachelder room of East Andover Library at 2:00 PM. Program will be on ‘‘Strawberry Banke’’, Hostesses are, Grace Chaffee, Ethel Nelson, and Karen Forsberg.

An all-day cancer sewing meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Marion O’Hare’s on Tuesday, April 4.

Andover Arts and Crafts meeting will be held in the East Andover Library om Monday, April 10 at 8:00 PM. The guest speaker will be Frank Poblenz who will talk on photography.

Andover Citizens fire department will meet on Thursday, April 6.

Blackwater Grange meets Thursday April 13 at 8:00 PM.

A pack meeting was held at the Proctor Chapel basement, Thursday evening March 30 at 7:30 PM. The pack took in 2 new boys, Glen Haley and Marty Thisell as Bobcats. The theme for March was tools and wood. A nail driving contest for mothers was won by Ellie Powers.

Much sympathy goes to George Martin family due to the death of his brother in Connecticut.


Jokes, Riddles, Puns, and Poems

In April, fleecy clouds float by,

Like cotton candy in the sky.

A flock of Canadian geese were seen passing over town on Sunday evening. They sure made plenty of noise. The robins are back so now we know spring is here with temperatures rising every day.

East Andover Volunteer Fire Department will meet at the fire station on Wednesday, April 12.

Ladies Aid sewing day was held at the home of Mrs. John Forsberg on Thursday, April 13 from 10 to 3:00 PM.

Julia Kilburn and Sadie Mayer returned to their homes in town this week after spending the winter in Boston. So glad to hear Jeff Gulick is home from Hanover Hospital. Jeff came by ambulance on Wednesday, March 29. He must stay in bed for a while longer. Get better soon.

Mrs. Mary Hoyt and her two girls spent the weekend with her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matthews in Groton, New Hampshire. William McAlpine and two sons of Ma., spent the weekend with his folks, Mr. and Mrs. William McAlpine.

Both Andover and East Andover Fire Departments were called out at 11:30 PM Sunday to a bad fire at the Bud Keyser farm. The barn and shed burned. The house was saved thanks to the heroic Firemen for their good work.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Damon of Hanson, Ma., spent the weekend at the Alan Thompson home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thompson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thompson Jr., and four children, all of Claremont, and their daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Urban Laudini and two daughters of Reading, Ma., called on Mrs. E. B. Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thompson.

East Andover Fire precinct annual meeting was held in the fire station on Wednesday March 29, at 8 PM.

A monthly meeting of the Ladies Aid was held in the Library on Thursday, March 30 at 8 PM with  the President, Dorothy Kimball presiding.

A Laymans Supper will be held at the Conference Center on Monday April 25. Soil Stewardship Sunday will be observed on Sunday, April 30.



What goes up when the rain comes down?

Answer: An umbrella

What falls but never gets hurt?

Answer: Rain

Mrs. Freda Wilson returned to her home on the weekend, after spending the winter with a nephew in Reading, Ma. Mrs. Wilson had her eye operated on in December and can now see very well.

Born at the New London Hospital on April 4, a daughter, Karen Louise to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Whitcomb. Congratulations to them on their bundle of joy.

Kearsarge Lodge No. 81 F & A M meets on Friday, April 14.

The Crosby-Gilbert Post 101 American Legion will meet on Thursday April 20.

Andover P. T. O., will meet on Monday April 17 at 7 PM instead of 8 PM due to a program by the school children. Grades 1 – 2 will do a demonstration of Physical Education, grades 3 – 4 will be square dancing. All parents and friends are urged to attend.

Mrs. Arthur Rowell, Miss Eleanor and Leon Sanborn of Chichester called on Mrs. Eliza Buzzell on Sunday.

Mrs. Doris Pierce returned home last week from a stay with her daughter and family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Proctor Academy returned to their classes on Wednesday, April 5.

Much sympathy goes to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Baker. His brother in Worcester, Ma., passed away on April 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones and daughter Pamela of MacIndoes, Vermont spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Phelps.

Andover Citizens Fire Company held election of officers on April 6. The following officers for 1967 are; Chief Victor E. Phelps, Assistant Chief Charles Morrill, Captain Robert Dunlop, Lieutenant Oscar Clark.

Victor E. Phelps, Fire Warden, and his deputies Bryant Adams, Henry Pillsbury, Skip Powers, Spencer Wright, attended the district warden meeting in Canaan on April 6.

Mrs. Joy Chamberlain and son skidded off the Salisbury-Andover road on Friday. They were taken in the town ambulance to New London Hospital where they remained overnight. The car was a total loss and they received cuts and bruises.


‘‘Your methods of cultivation are hopelessly out of date’’, said the young agricultural college graduate to the old farmer. I’d be astonished if you got even ten pounds of apples from that tree.

‘‘‘ So, would I,’ said the farmer, It’s a pear tree.

EAST ANDOVER: April 13, 1967


What letter is like a spring flower?

Answer: The letter ‘‘ A ‘‘ because a Bee comes after it.

When do, monkeys fall from the sky?

Answer: During ‘‘ ape-ril ‘‘showers.

Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Jurta, 76, who passed away in Franklin Hospital April 5 after a long illness, were held in the Andover Congregational Church Saturday at 2 PM. Burial was in Lakeside Cemetery in East Andover where Reverend Tucker offered prayers.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Fifield of Tilton announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Rosalie M. Fifield to Carlton J. George, son of Mr. and Mrs. William George of Andover. A May wedding is planned.

East Andover and Andover library plans to have several programs for National Library week, which is the week of April 16.

A film on Portsmouth, New Hampshire will be shown from the State Library film service.

Wednesday April 19  the annual open house will be held at the Library. This year Mrs. Evelyn Kennedy, who has resigned from the Andover Library Trustee as she is moving to her home in New London, will be honored.

April 21 a library program consisting of a play about Libraries by three school children, and a film in color, Where Mountains Float will be presented at the elementary school. Anyone is invited.

Mrs. Hope French of Pittsfield, New Hampshire., visited her aunt Sadie Mayer on Saturday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Denman Blood of Wilder, Vermont visited his aunt Mrs. Sadie Mayer on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Deane of Wilmot Flat were also Sunday callers at Mrs. Mayer’s.


2 dozen eggs .99©          Oranges 12/.37©

T-bone steak .77©lb.       Pork loins 6 rib .39©lb.

6pack batteries .47©        Grapefruit 10/.69©



April is tip-toeing into the land,

Touching each leaf with her delicate hand.

What bow can’t be tied?

Answer: A Rainbow.

Andover Service Club;

A meeting of the Andover Service Club was held in the Mollie Bachelder room of East Andover Library on Wednesday, April 12 at 2 PM with President , Evelyn Kennedy presiding. Devotionals were given by Mrs. Anna Tucker followed by the secretary and treasurer’s reports. Thank you notes were read from Mrs. Dorothea Stibitz, Mrs. Adele Glaubit, and from Andover Little League.

A work day was held at the home of Mrs. Emma Dunlap on Wednesday, April 19 from 10 to 3 PM. The layette for the State Welfare Department was on display for all members to see.

A tea for Mrs. Dorothea Stibitz was held at the home of Mrs. L. Francis Kennedy on Tuesday, April 18 from 2:30 to 4:3o PM. Mrs. Stibitz is moving to Claremont so as to be near her husband’s work. So, sorry to have her leave.

Carl Johnson of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Vice President of Strawberry Banke Inc., showed slides and talked about the Historical buildings in Strawberry Banke, which was very interesting and he also answered many questions. Refreshments of cake and coffee were served by hostesses, Grace Chaffee, Karin Forsberg and Ethel Nelson. The nominating committee gave the following members for officers for 1967/1968. President Annah Tucker, Vice President Bernice Powers, Secretary Edna Clements, Treasurer Marjorie Stultz.

Andover Extension Club;

The Andover Extension Club will hold its monthly meeting Wednesday, April 26 at 1 PM at the William Adams Bachelder Library. Following the customary business meeting, Mrs. Eugene Fierro will show slides and give a talk on her European tour which she took two years ago. It has been suggested that members invite guests to this interesting meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Webster have returned home from Florida where they spent the winter.

A Pre-School Clinic will be held in the Andover Elementary School on Monday, May 8 at 10 AM. Dr. Emilie Boselli, assisted by school nurse Mrs. Evelyn Haights R. N., will give the physicals. Parents are requested to bring their child’s health records. Children must be six years old by January 1, 1968 to enter the first grade this September. Mrs. Marie Rising, first grade teacher will be on hand to greet the parents and children who will be going to school in September.

Wedding Anniversary Congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Merrill MacLeod Sr., on April 22.

Wedding Anniversary Congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dunlap on April 24.

Blackwater Grange meets at Grange Hall on Thursday, April 27.

Andover Lions Club meets April 24.

Mrs. Martin O’Hare returned home on the weekend after spending a week with her sister in Vermont.



Tide powder .69©         Chicken legs .39© lb.

Breck shampoo .69©    Beef stew .79© lb

Curler rack .67©            Peanut butter 5lbs $1.89

Gasoline 27.99 gal.          Zarex pint jar .35©

A regular meeting of the Highland Lake Grange was held on April 17 with Master Samuel Currier presiding. Being Agriculture Night, Paul Fenton showed slides on the Maple Sugar Industry. The next meeting will be presiding officer’s night and it was voted to invite New London Grange to fill the chairs. The home economic committee will hold a Dutch Auction at this meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thorne of Ma., have returned to their home after spending their school vacation at their summer home in Flaghole.

Ice went out on Highland Lake on Monday April 17th and trout fishing starts on May 1st.

Mrs. Augusta Blood, Mrs. Evelyn Huckins and Mrs. Chester Ricard of North Chichester, New Hampshire., were visitors of Mrs. Sadie Mayer, one day last week.

Long time Postal Assistant retires at East Andover. Last week Mrs. Georgianna K. Wadleigh, ‘‘Kate’’ to everyone who knows her, terminated her services as assistant at the post office. Her connection with the local office has been a long one, beginning over 50 years ago, when it was in an old store building beside the Highland Lake Stream. During World War 1, Kate handled the letters to and from the East Andover boys in the army cantonments and in France, and again during World War 2 she was acting postmistress for her own postmaster son, John Jr., while he served his country in uniform.

Mrs. Violet England Grant, wife of Benjamin W. Grant of East Andover, passed away April 12 at the Providence, R.I., Hospital following a long illness. Services were held in Providence after cremation. A committal service was held Sunday at 2 PM at Lakeside Cemetery in Andover, with Rev. Francis S. Tucker of East Andover officiating.



Andover Ragged Mt. Chapter No. 62 held its regular meeting, April 19. W. M. Arlene Locke and W.P. Henry Heinlein conducted the meeting? After the meeting, P.P. and P.O. Mr. and Mrs. Dana Parks showed slides of their recent trip through the south, they were interesting and all enjoyed.

The Chapter was pleased to find the painting done in the ladies’ parlor and wish to thank the Masons for their help. Delicious refreshments were served by Mrs. Eula Kelley and Mrs. Henry Heinlein.

We are all glad to hear Eliza Buzzell has returned home from the New London Hospital and is on the mend.

A son, David M. Roby II was born to Mr. and Mrs. David Roby of Marblehead, Ma., on March 31. Mrs. Roby is the former Barbara Dunn.

Mrs. Grace Fenton is spending time with her daughter, Miss Mildred Fenton in Springfield, Ma.

Fourteen ladies met at the home of Mrs. Emma Dunlap on Wednesday, April 19 for a work day meeting. Don’t forget to let the President, Evelyn Kennedy know if you need transportation for the Pilgrimage to Crotched Mountain on May 10, at 10  AM.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Johnson returned home on April 19 from their three weeks’ vacation in Florida. They said the weather was just lovely.

A surprise birthday dinner was given to Elsa Jacobson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Heden on April 18. Other guests attending were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stickney and Mr. and Mrs. John Forsberg.

Kenneth Brock of Tilton, spent his school vacation with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Walker.

A meeting of the Andover Parent Teachers Organization was held on April 17 with President Terri Laflosca presiding. Because of the small attendance through the year it was voted to have only four business meetings instead of the regular ten meetings a year.

The nominating committee named the following officers for the upcoming school as follows: President Virginia Reed, Vice President Betty Henderson, Treasurer Ellie George and Secretary Clara Kidder.


“‘One of my office boys asked to take the afternoon off to attend his grandmother’s funeral. I am not so dumb, I told him, I’ll go along too.’’

His friend chuckled, ‘‘‘ Great idea! Was it a good game?’’

‘‘I can’t say’’, sadly admitted the businessman. ‘‘It was his grandmother’s funeral.’’



Beets 2/.35©            Gallon picnic jug $1.89

Cut beans 2/.33©     Ice chest $11.19

Eye round .87©lb.    Freezer fries 5lb. .59©lb.

Spare ribs .37©lb.      Pot pies: 5 8oz pkgs. $1.00

Mrs. Augusta Blood, Mrs. Evelyn Huckins, and Chester Ricard of North Chichester, New Hampshire., were visitors of Mrs. Sadie Mayer, one day last week.

Mrs. Joseph Rogers and Mrs. Hope French of Pittsfield, New Hampshire., were recent visitors at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Sadie Mayer.

Mrs. Albert Morrissey of West Medford, Ma., spent a few days this past week with Miss Marion Steuerwald.

Miss Brenda Kimball spent her school vacation with her aunt, Mrs. Edith Leonard in Montpelier, Vt. Judy Leonard and her friend Sheri Magne returned to Montpelier with Brenda spending a week with the Earl Kimball family.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKeage of West Concord called on Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Young on Saturday.


April 4: The United States Department of Transportation Begins operating

April 9: First Boeing 737 rolls out to make its maiden flight.

April 10: Elizabeth Taylor wins best actress for  A Man for All Seasons.

April 14: Boston Red Sox rookie Billy Rohane comes within 1 strike of a no hitter at Yankee Stadium.

April 16: Yankees beat Boston 7-6 in 18 innings

April19: Beatles sign a contract to stay together 10 years

April 28: Muhammad Ali refuses induction into Army and is stripped of his boxing title

April 30: Highest tower in the world finished in USSR