Andover After School Program, March News

Shaun Del Bene of the National Guard visits

By Shawna Otis, AASP

The month of February and March brought great excitement to the Andover After School Program. We tried new foods like papaya, mango, and plumcots, along with making our own snacks like muddy buddies, rice crispy treats, and cookies.

Shaun Del Bene of the National Guard showing the kiddos a special tool for detecting chemicals in the air.

We enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted and even had our snack time outside! During vacation week, we had a lot of excitement, as every day was a different theme. Monday was Outer-space Day, where we made shrink rays and enjoyed smoothies, thanks to Miss Stephanie.

Tuesday was Under the Sea Day, where we enjoyed coloring and homemade cookies. Wednesday was Wild, Wild, West Day- we made sunsets and watched Fievel, the mouse’s adventures. Thursday was Jungle Day- we took it old school with no electricity, playing jungle animals outside, sledding, and legos.

We had a little scare, but a HUGE thanks to the Andover Fire Department for a quick response and making sure everything was safe for us! Friday was Every Day Hero’s Day and we enjoyed a special visit from Shaun Del Bene of the National Guard, who let us try on air packs and bullet-proof vests and brought us little goodies.

We have so much fun at the Annex, trying and experiencing new things. We are starting sign-ups for next school year and we hope you will join us!

To secure your spot for the next school year, call or e-mail Shawna Otis, director, at 603-735-6566 and