AASP Enjoyed the Spring Weather

Registration starting for the new year

By Shawna Otis, AASP Director


Anna, Abby, and Olivia playing on the playground during a beautiful sunny day

The month of April was a fun one here at the Andover After School Program! Thanks to the beautiful weather, we spent a lot of time outside playing on the playground and playing games like Red Light, Green Light and tag.

We played with bubbles and played hopscotch. We used our imaginations while playing charades, and even had a few dance parties when it was rainy! We dyed hard boiled eggs, and dyed paper eggs with shaving cream. We even had an Easter Egg Hunt with a LOT of eggs to find!

We baked some yummy snacks, and tried new foods. We ate themed foods for Easter and for Earth Day.

Spring is upon us. We are beginning registration for the 2017-2018 school year if you would like to enroll your child so they can participate in all this fun. Contact Shawna Otis, Director, at 735-6566 or andoverkids@nullyahoo.com.