50 Years Ago in Andover: May 1967



Good old news from Andover, East Andover, West Andover, Cilleyville, and Potter Place gossip columns from the Franklin Journal Transcripts

Transcribed by Virginia S. Edwards


May 4, 1967

Lyndon B. Johnson is President; Number one song, The Happening, by the Supremes; Best Book, The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder; Best Movie, For a Few Dollars More: Clint Eastwood.

Andover Lions Club regular meeting on April 24 elected the following Officers; President Timothy Frost; First Vice President Leslie Ford; Second Vice President Richard Eichell; Third Vice President Charles Bliss; Secretary and Treasurer Amos Johnson; Lion Tamer and Tail Twister Emile Boselli, Directors for 2 years Reverend Francis Tucker and Arthur Eichell; Directors for 1 year Noah Jewett and John Jurta Jr.

A meeting of the Andover Extension Club was held on April 26, in the William Batchelder Library, with fifteen members and guests in attendance. Following the business meeting, Mrs. Eugene Fierro showed slides and gave a talk on her European tour which she took two years ago.

A pre-school clinic is to be held at the Andover East Middle School gym on May 8, at 10 am. Dr. Emile Boselli assisted by the school nurse, Evelyn Haight, will give the examination to all children entering school in September.

Mrs. Eugene Ridlon of Berwick, Maine spent the weekend with her folks, Mr. and Mrs. William George.

Fire Warden, Victor E. Phelps stated no burning of any kind from 9 AM to 5 PM without a fire permit.

Well here it is May 1st do you have your dog licenses yet?

The Andover Service Club members are going on a Pilgrimage to Crotched Mountain on Wednesday, May 10. Anyone wishing a ride may contact Mrs. L. Francis Kennedy.

The people out working on the fundraising drive for the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in the Daniel Webster Council are Leslie Ford, Charles Bliss, David Fowler, June MacDonald, Georgianna Parris, Irene Carney, Ellen Osborne and Spencer Wright. They have already collected $100 and are all doing a wonderful job.

The Andover Arts and Craft will hold their display outside on the green for one day only this year on May 4 from 10 am to 6 PM. If it rains it will be held Saturday, May 8.

Andover Lions Club meets on May 8. Blackwater Grange meets at the home of Mrs. Marion M. O’Hare on Monday, May 8 from 10 am to 3 PM. Andover Citizens Fire Department meets on May 4 in the fire station.

A Cancer work day will be held Thursday, May 11 at 8 PM. Roger Meier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meier was received into the National Honor Society at Proctor Academy. We are all sorry to hear Mrs. Pauline Benson is in the New London Hospital. We know she would love to hear from her friends.


5lb. box Hamburg patties $2.98, 5lb. box Frankfurters $2.98, Corned Beef .69© lb., Hams .89©lb., Cantaloupes .39©, Tomatoes .39©lb, Corn on the cob .79© dozen, Saltines 1 lb box .25©.


Doug: I think my mother is getting serious about straightening up my room once and for all.

Dan: How do you know?

Doug: She’s learning how to drive a bulldozer.

An invitation was received from the Franklin Women’s group to go to Franklin to hear about the Hopi Indians on May 8, Monday evening at 6 PM. Marian Steuerwald showed slides and spoke of her trip to California, Texas, and Ohio which was enjoyed by all, followed by a Devotional book report on Are You Running with Jesus given by Mrs. Annah Tucker.

Benjamin Grant returned to his home here after spending the winter in Rhode Island. A meeting of Ladies Aid Circle was held in the Mollie Bachelder room of the Library on Thursday evening. There were fourteen members and three guests present. Thank you notes were read from Pat Putney and Elsa Jacobson.

The Ladies Aid will give the August birthday party at the County Home in Boscawen. The May Fellowship Day services will be held at New London on May 7, at 8 PM in the Catholic Church. All people of the Ragged Mountain Council may attend these services.

Anna Larson returned home from the New London Hospital after a number of weeks there. Glad to have her back home. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson attended the New England Square Dance Convention in Pittsfield, Massachusetts over the weekend. There were 4,295 people in the Grand March.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Frost were guests at the Merchants Mutual Insurance Company regional meeting and dinner on April 25, held at the Highway Hotel in Concord, New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. Noah Jewett were in Cumberland, Maine and Falmouth, Maine visiting relatives and brought Noah’s mother, Mrs. Ralph Jewett, back with them for a visit. Their daughter, Sharon Jewett, of Washington, D.C., was home for the weekend. William Lorden of Puerto Rico spent a few days with his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Connie Lorden. Mrs. Dorothy Kimball and Mrs. Georgia Dodge attended the Spring Forum in the Pembroke Conference Center on April 26 .

The East Andover Volunteer Fire Department is asking for Clorox Bleach bottles. They may be left at the fire station. Mrs. Lillie Young was taken to the New London Hospital on Sunday in the town ambulance. We hope Lillie is feeling better soon. Mrs. Stuart Graves and Mrs. Walter Parkinson of Walpole, New Hampshire. spent the weekend with their sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Putney. Georgianna Wadleigh, “Kate”, was honored at a tea on Sunday afternoon in celebration of over 50 years as Postal Assistant.


A boxer was to fight the heavyweight champion. When he reached the ring, he was noticeably slow about climbing over the ropes. “It’s all right, Jim,” said his trainer. Just say to yourself, ‘I’m going to beat him’, and you’ll win.” “The heck with that,” said the fighter, “I know what a liar I am.”

May 11, 1967

Mrs. Elaine Eastman returned to her home after spending the winter in Gorham, Maine with her daughter and family. The annual Cancer meeting will be held in Sutton town hall on May 16, from 10 am to 3 PM. A movie will be shown in the afternoon. Lunch will be served at noon.

The sum of $715 for Dollars for Scholars has been turned in up to date from the town of Andover. $357.50 was given to New London High School and $357.50 was given to Franklin High School for Dollars for Scholars. Many thanks to all who donated and worked so hard to make this a success. The chairman of the Andover Scholarship drive was Mrs. Marjorie Stultz and Mrs. Irene Jewett assisted by Andover students in New London and Franklin High Schools.

A/2c Richard Powers Jr., left for Puerto Rico after spending a tenday furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers Sr., of Potter Place. Mrs. Eula Kelley attended the May Fellowship Day services at the Catholic Church in New London on May 7. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fenton and two girls from Scarborough, Maine spent the weekend in town. A group of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. Marion O’Hare on May 8 to sew on Cancer dressings. Blackwater Grange meets in Grange Hall on May 11 at 8 PM. There will be a burial service for Mrs. Wendell P. Elkins in the Andover Cemetery on May 14 at 2 PM., Mrs. Elkins passed away in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 13, 1967 at the age of ninety-three. She was the widow of the Reverend Wendell P. Elkins.

Crosby-Gilbert Post 101 American Legion meets on May 18 . Margaret Hoban returned to her home on Beech Hill this past week after spending the winter in Florida.

Much sympathy goes to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason. Mrs. Mason’s mother, Mrs. Carrie Maude Chandler, passed away at the Eastlack Home in Northfield, New Hampshire. She was 90. Burial services will be in the family plot in The Danville Green Cemetery in Vermont. Elaina Graves arrived at her summer home this past week. Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts returned to town this past week after spending the winter in Florida. Miss Anna Roberts and Bessie Keyser moved back to Anna’s house after spending the winter in Dr. Roberts home.

Wedding anniversary congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Donal Miller on May 12. Mrs. Edith Leonard and daughters of Montpelier, Vermont spent the weekend with her father, Herbert Young and visited her mother, Lillie Young in the New London Hospital. Mrs. Frank Haley returned home last week after spending a week with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wilson of Concord. Mr. and Mrs. David Sleeper of Franklin called on Mrs. Haley on Saturday and her daughter Gertrude Sargent of Franklin visited her mother on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thompson, Mark Thompson, and Sandy Rayno went to the ‘67 Expo in Montreal, Canada on May 2-4. They reported it was very interesting. Dr. and Mrs. George Stibitz of West Andover moved on May 6 to Hanover Center. It is eight miles northeast of Hanover. They moved to be closer to his work at the Hanover Hospital.

May 18, 1967

Kenneth Sherman and Beverly Miller were married on May 8 in Waukegan, Illinois. Congratulations to the happy couple. A shower was given to Beverly at her sister’s home, Mrs. Donna Walker with 33 guests present before Beverly left for Illinois. Mrs. Amanda Butt of Worcester, Massachusetts, spent a few days with Mrs. Freda Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wyeth and Marion O’Hare took a trip to Expo ‘67 in Montreal, Canada.

A regular meeting of the Andover Lions Club was held on May 8, at Potter Place Inn. It was reported that the club since the first of the year has paid for eye examinations and given corrective glasses to five students in the Andover Elementary School. Leslie Ford and sons put up a new sign on U.S. Route 4, under the Potter Place Inn advertising the fact that Andover has a Lion’s Club.

The field house building at Proctor Academy was open for inspection on Parents Day which was on May 14. Pike and Sons blacktopped the parking area, the two exit roads, and the roads way around the Field House. Mr. Rivers supervised the planting of a dozen Maple trees on the exit road to the field. Andover New London High School students with honors were: High honors Freshmen, Luanne Clark, Honors Sophomores Donna Huntoon, and Ellen Johnson; Honors, Senior, Ruth Eichell.

Congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Carlton George who were married May 13 at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William George Sr. Reception followed at Proctor Chapel dining room. Rev. Francis Tucker married the couple. Much sympathy goes to Mr. and Mrs. Myron Barton of Potter Place on the death of their grandson in Vietnam.

Andover Lions Club meeting to be held at Potter Place Inn on May 22 at 6 PM. Andover Extension Club will hold elections of officers and make plans for the 1967-68 programs on May 24, at 1 PM in the William Batchelder Library. Blackwater Grange will honor their 25 year members at their regular meeting on May 25 at 8 am.

Sixteen adults finished their eight week Medical Self Help training course on May 11 with all receiving diplomas. Mrs. Emily Gulick, RN, wishes to thank all her students for their interest in the course and for the gift and purse of money she received from her students. Andover Service Club had sixteen ladies tour Crotched Mountain on May 10th. They all had a box lunch at noon, followed by a short business meeting.

Those collecting funds for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the Daniel Webster Council in which Andover is a part of were: Mrs. Ellen Osborne, Leslie Ford, Charles Bliss, David Fowler, June MacDonald, Georgianna Parris, Irene Carney, and Spencer Wright. George and his Hay Shakers will play for a school dance at Andover Elementary School on Friday night, May 19, from 8-11:30 PM.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoyt and family spent Sunday with her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matthews of Groton, New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. James Hersey and family attended Parents Day at UNH on May 13. While they were there, they watched the ROTC review, which their son Jimmie was marching in, and also attended the buffet luncheon at the Alpha Gamma Rho.

Much sympathy goes to Mr. and Mrs. George Kimball on the death of Earl’s brother, Arnold on Friday, May 12. Arnold was born in East Andover. Rev. Theodore Hadley of Hampstead, New Hampshire., preached the Sunday morning services and will preach again on Sunday, May 21 at 9:30 am., and also in Salisbury at 11 am. The pastoral committee has accepted Rev. Hadley as minister of Andover and Salisbury. The churches will vote on Sunday following the services to see if the people approve of Rev. Hadley as their minister.

A meeting of the Flaghole Community Club was held at the home of Ernest Anderson on May 9 at 6 PM. Max Andrus opened the meeting followed by reading of the minutes. A thank you note was read from Mr. and Mrs. James Belanger, and it was reported the paper will be taken to the mill in the near future. Next meeting will be held at Community House on June 11, with Mr. and Mrs. James Belanger, as hostesses.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barn Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barn Jr., and family of Saugus Massachusetts, recently spent the weekend at their home here. Mrs. Richard Shaw and daughter Mildred went deep sea fishing on Sunday off the coast of York Beach, Maine. Mildred caught 3 cod, two on the same line together. This was Mildred’s first time deep sea fishing. Mrs. Elsa Henderson started her new job as postmistress on May 2 at the East Andover Post Office. Mrs. Marie Rising, Mrs. Ethel Nelson, Mrs. Georgia Dodge, Mrs. Luvie Merrill, Mrs. Ruth Supenor, and Mrs. Rose Hislop attended the 100th Centennial of New London Grange.

We all wish Amelia Currier a speedy recovery at the Franklin Hospital. Mrs. Ed Rohr and Miss Sandra Rayno became members of the Andover Congregational Church on May 14, other recent members were Mr. and Mrs. William Miller III. Much sympathy goes to the Herbert Young families. Mrs. Lillie Letitia Young, 79, passed away at the New London Hospital, May 14, after a long illness. Born in Borne, Canada she lived in East Andover most of her life. Last March she and her husband Herbert, celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. Funeral services were held on May 16 from the Andover Congregational Church at 2 PM. Burial was in Lakeside Cemetery, East Andover.

James B. Hersey Jr., was one of the 78 University of New Hampshire students receiving the Charles Stillings Scholarship, awarded annually “for scholastic competence and unquestioned loyalty to the United States”. The winners were cited during UNH’s annual Honors Convocation on the campus. Relatives calling on Mrs. Sadie Mayer last week were her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Blood of Plymouth New Hampshire. Mrs. Hope French and friend, Mrs. Doris Barton of Pittsfield, New Hampshire., called on their aunt, Mrs. Mayer and Mr. and Mrs. Deane of Wilmot Flat, New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. David ‘‘Pat Putney’’ Curtis of Woburn, Massachusetts, called on their folks, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Putney on their way back from their honeymoon trip to Expo ‘67 in Montreal, Canada.

Lake and Valley Pomona Grange will hold their memorial services at Highland Lake Grange on May 23. They will also have an I.F.Y.E. Delegate, Peggy Cope, show slides and talk on Australia.


The minister rose to address his congregation. “There is a certain man among us today who is flirting with another man’s wife.” He said, “Unless he puts five dollars in the collection box, his name will be read from the pulpit.” When the collection plate came in, there were 27 five dollar bills, and 2 singles clipped to a note reading: “Other three will have on pay day.”

MAY 25, 1967

The last meeting of the Andover P.T.O. was held on May 15. Installation of officers was held at this meeting. It was announced the Sports Banquet held on Tuesday was a great success. The Good Sportsmanship girl’s award went to Patricia Miller and Ann Ireland. For the boys, it went to Robert Kidder, he has received this award for two consecutive years. Plans are underway for a float in the Fourth of July celebration, and they will also have the grab-bag booth again this year.

Mrs. Bert Sanborn of Potter Place has returned home from the New London Hospital. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Their son, Major Kenneth Sanborn of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio was home for a four-day furlough. Stephen Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Smith Sr., graduated from New Hampshire Power Training School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Exercises were held in the Hotel Chateau. James Alley left May 17 for Fort Knox, Kentucky, for four months in the reserves.

The eighth graders of Andover Elementary School will leave early May 26 to go to Expo ‘67 in Montreal, Canada. They will return home late Sunday. These eighth graders and their teachers, worked very hard to raise the funds to go to the fair. Mrs. Leon Sanborn, Miss Eleanor Bartlett, Mrs. Arthur Rowell, and Mrs. Gibson of Chichester, New Hampshire., visited with Mrs. Eliza Buzzell. Mr. and Mrs. L. Francis Kennedy moved into their newly built home in New London on Saturday. Roger T. Meier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meier of Andover, has recently been elected to the 45 member student government for the 1967-68 school year at Proctor Academy in Andover. He has been active in Proctor Players and was head of this year’s Winter Carnival art committee.


World’s first heart transplant; First ATM machine; Monterey International Pop Music Festival; First Super Bowl played between the Green Bay Packers and The Kansas City Chiefs; Number 1 TV Show, The Fugitive; Minimum wage increased to $1.40 per hour; British group The Beatles continue to reign; Disco Tech’s and single bars appeared.

Joseph Leveille has returned to his summer home in Flaghole after spending the winter in Florida. We are very glad to hear Amelia Currier is home from the Franklin Hospital and we all wish her a speedy recovery. Mrs. Marie Rising, Mrs. Ethel Nelson, Mrs. Ruth Supenor, and Mrs. Luvie Merrill, attended Home Economic Night with the Blazing Star Grange in Danbury on May 18. Mrs. Rising and Mrs. Supenor, both on the Executive Board Committee of Highland Lake Grange, filled two of the officer’s chairs. Miss Irene Stacey, daughter of Mrs. Irene Stacey, was named Salutatorian of her Senior class this past week at Franklin High School. Irene was also awarded the Emblem Scholarship of $200 to further her studies.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pisani are now back home after spending the winter in Florida. At the May 16, meeting of Highland Lake Grange, plans were made to have the Ex-Governor Batchelder Night, a former member of the grange give a talk at the June 6 meeting. If anybody has photos and would like to lend them at this meeting they would be appreciated. MEMORIAL DAY IS MAY 29, 1967 Let us remember as we awake from sleep this Memorial Day, Those who fought and the many that have died to protect our Freedom. What was the most popular dance in 1776? Indepen – dance. What kind of tea did the colonists want? LIBERTY