Tucker Mountain School Open for the Season

By Donna Baker-Hartwell, Trustee of AHS

The historic one-room school house will be open to the public on Sunday, June 11, from 1 to 3 PM. Visitors will enjoy seeing the original record book that  began in 1836 and kept through 1883.

Record book of schoolhouse from 1836 to 1883.

I have been transcribing the record book and plan to have copies available. Included in the record book is information such as: In 1867, Ellen J. Rowe received $28.81 and board to teach 7 weeks of school. She boarded with the Greeley’s (now the Pieter’s farm). The Greeley’s received $2 per week for providing room and board.

This expense, along with 1/2 cord of wood (75 cents) per year is the total cost of running the school. In 1859, a pail and dipper was budgeted at 34 cents, and in 1860, a broom and chalk was purchased for 28 cents. Other artifacts will be on display. Refreshments will be served.

Worthy of noting: Country School Association of America, a national organization dedicated to one-room school preservation, history and appreciation, will be visiting the Tucker Mountain Schoolhouse on Wednesday, June 14. The CSAA’s 17th Annual Conference is being held at Colby Sawyer College.

This is a four-day conference and one-room school enthusiasts from all over the country will be attending. The Andover Historical Society is honored to have a visit to our schoolhouse in the conference itinerary. Residents of Tucker Mountain Road should note that between 4 to 5 PM on this date a coach (Touring Bus) will be traveling the road.

Open House will be held the second Sunday of the month through October. In addition, visits can be arranged by calling 735-5586.