2018 Andover Historical Society Calendars are Ready!

Available on the Village Green July 4th

Press Release

The 2018 edition of the Andover Historical Society’s (AHS) annual fund-raising calendar will go on sale at the AHS table on the Andover Village Green during the town’s Independence Day celebration on Tuesday, July 4.

Entitled “The Beauty of Andover,” the calendar features seasonal scenes of the town, in full color, submitted by Andover-area photographers in response to a call for contributions by the Historical Society. Price is $10 per copy, or $12 if ordered for mail delivery.

About the contributions received, AHS president Jesse Schust said: “This is the first time we’ve asked for community input for the calendar – and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The job of selecting a dozen photos from the more than 50 submitted wasn’t easy for former AHS president Pat Cutter, who volunteered to make the call. Thanks to everyone who contributed!”

Winning contributors were Lew Allison, Donna Baker-Hartwell, Cindy Benson (2), Larry Chase, Luan Clark, Don Clendenen, Steve Colardeau (2), Gerry Fagan, Jay Fitzpatrick, and Thomas Mackey. Winners may pick up their complimentary copy of the calendar on the Village Green on July 4.

Schust also cited the following, whose sponsorships of calendar pages defrayed all production costs of the publication: Tilton Medical Associates; Andover Community Association; New Horizons Hair Stylists; Baker-Hartwell Contractors; Belletetes Building Product Specialists; J.P. Paquette Construction Historical & Preservation Building Solutions (in memory of Margaret LaPlante); Blackwater Junction Restaurant; C. A. Miller Plumbing; The Village Sweep, Rick Estes, Proprietor; Law Office of Jay C. Boynton; Proctor Academy; and Andover Community Space.

In addition, Schust cited the Andover Beacon’s Steve Foley for his work in overseeing calendar production.

Beginning in August, copies of the calendar, the eighth in the AHS series, may also be purchased at the following locations: the AHS Museum Store in the old Potter Place General Store, on weekends until mid-October; New Horizons Hair Stylists; both Andover public libraries; the Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London; or by contacting AHS volunteer Ken Reid at 735-5512 or canineremus@nullcomcast.net.