Planning Under Way for AE/MS SHARE Day

See How The Arts Reach Everyone (SHARE)

By Gisela Darling, SHARE Day Co-ordinator

SHARE (See How the Arts Reach Everyone) Day will take place at the Andover Elementary/Middle School on Friday, May 17.

SHARE Day was started in 1989 by the small, but very active, PTO and has been a fun day for the students ever since then. This special day brings artists, craftspeople, and musicians from Andover and surrounding communities into the classroom.

It has been a long tradition to invite community members to come into the school and share their talents by offering a workshop in crafts or arts-related hobbies. Workshops in the past have ranged from basketmaking to weaving. Different sports workshops also have been offered to the students.

Volunteers are also needed to assist the workshop leaders or help the lower grades with their activities.

Please call Gisela Darling at 735-5681 or Principal Jane Slayton at the school if you would like to help. All workshops need to be in place by the beginning of April to allow time for the information to be sent home to families and for students to make their choices.