Frank Haley Continues the Walk

Raised $10,522 in donations

By Lauretta Phillips

Frank Haley, 93, and his wife, Ann, have been working together to collect money to support the annual 3K Blind Awareness Walk-A-Thon for 13 years. Ann drives and Frank collects the funds to support the programs that The New Hampshire Association for the Blind (NHAB) produce. Frank being blind himself, decides where they are going and who he wants to “see” and Ann takes him there.

On June 3, Frank accepted the prize for being the top individual fund raiser for 13 consecutive years. His total for this year was a record breaking $10,522 bringing his grand total to $74,402. It is because of the generosity of the people who give that he is able to bring so much to the event.

Frank and Ann were joined for the 15th annual walk-a-thon by daughters-in-law, Norma Haley and Vickie Haley; granddaughters Mariah Haley of Danbury, New Hampshire and Shannon Haley and Kate Haley of Andover; Joel Mcneff of Penacook, New Hampshire; and Earl and Jennifer Richards, and great granddaughter Tanaya Richards, of Las Vegas, NV. Frank would like to thank his family, the Andover Beacon, and supporters from the Andover community, and the surrounding towns and communities who so generously contributed money and time to help support the New Hampshire Association for the Blind in this endeavor.

The New Hampshire Association for the Blind provides vision rehabilitation services for New Hampshire people of all ages who like Frank are blind or visually impaired. Some of the services provided by NHAB are rehabilitation therapy, which helps an individual maintain his/her independence, orientation and mobility instruction to help an individual develop safe independent travel skills and learn new routes and environments, and low vision services, which assist people who are partially sighted to use their remaining vision more effectively. They also provide educational services, adaptive technology services, volunteer services, and public education.

For more information about the New Hampshire Association for the Blind or to make a donation contact them at 603-224-4039 or