Andover High School Reunion

By Judy Perreault ‘53
Andover High School Reunion attendees.

Thirty-one Andover High School alumni and guests met for their annual reunion on July 8, 2017 at AE/MS, which we remember as Andover High School.

In the morning we socialized, checked out the memorabilia, and some of us took a tour of the school. There was a lot of discussion of where our home rooms were and where certain classes were held when we were students. As we did not have a gym at the time we figured out what two rooms were connected by a sliding partition where assemblies were held. Our gym was the old town hall and hot lunch was downstairs in the stone chapel. Lloyd said it was originally in the Home Economics room which I think is now the music room. Our playground and ball field was where the gym and Middle School is now. We had a teacher for physics called Lou Voltous, and we called him low voltage. Not to his face of course. We were all so close, planning events, dating classmates, even marrying some of them. Lot of fun memories in those rooms.

Our meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Andover Cheer, and a couple of school songs. We still have a lot of school spirit even though the High School has been closed for 54 years. Our earliest attendee was Monroe Haley ‘41 who was commended on his fundraising for the blind. From 1941 to 1963 there were only seven years that we did not have at least one representative. ’43-‘48, ’59 and ‘63. If there are any out there from these years, try to make it next year. It would be amazing to get someone from every year. I believe the first graduating class was 1937.

Sadly we lost classmates Lois Stuart Shaw ’45, John Eugene Lorden ’49, Roger William Henderson ’51, Nellie Phelps Clay ’51, Albie Sanborn ’57, Tim Frost ’58, and Dale McLeod ’61 We took class pictures and then enjoyed a pot luck lunch. We had a large and varied assortment of delicious food. Jim Emerson’s granddaughter made a cake with a picture of the school on it to commemorate his 60th class reunion. (1957)

Stu Lenk’s wife, Carol, won the door prize and Walt Walker won the prize for the closest guess of crackers in a jar.

Everyone agreed that AE/MS was the best place to meet. Our thanks to Jane Slayton for making this possible and Mike Wiley for setting up . We plan to gather again next year the Saturday after the Fourth of July. Hope to see you then.

P.S. Margie Frost Fenton wrote the poem and  a part of was in the May issue of The Beacon. Also it would be nice if some of you alumni wrote into The Beacon about some of your memories of AHS and what you have been doing since graduation.