David Karrick’s Notes From Concord

Information on recent legislation

By David Karrick

David Karrick is a former state legislator and  a current candidate for state representative in Merrimack County District 25.

Let’s take a look at how your current State Representatives in Concord voted on some important bills during the lengthy New Hampshire House Session of February 8, 2018:

House Bill 628; Establishing a Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program. Could attract younger workers and families to our State, would be funded by a small deduction from employees paychecks;

Both your Representatives, Natalie Wells, Merrimack County District 25, and Anne Copp, Merrimack District 1, voted against this bill which passed with a final bipartisan vote 186 to 164 as amended.

House Bill 587; Prohibits counseling to engage in Conversion Therapy for persons under age 18;

Both Representatives Natalie Wells and Anne Copp voted against this bill which passed on a final vote of 179 to 171

House Bill 1415; Establishing a Death Benefit of $100,000 to the immediate family of a school employee killed in the line of duty;

Both Representatives Wells and Copp voted against this bill which, nevertheless, passed with a vote of 176 to 161.

House Bill 413; Reestablishing the payment by the State of 15% of the cost of Retirement System contributions for employees of towns and other political subdivisions. The State currently pays none of these costs but, historically, the State paid as much as 35%;

Both Wells and Copp voted against this bill which failed to pass on a vote of 171 to 170. A good illustration of why every vote counts and one reason why your local taxes continue to increase.

House Bill 1811; Extending the New Hampshire Health Protection (Medicaid Expansion) Program beyond the end of 2018;

Both Representatives Wells and Copp voted to send this bill to Interim Study along with the majority which could effectively kill Medicaid Expansion and medical coverage for up to 50,000 NH citizens.

House Bill 1822; Making Hormonal Contraceptives available directly from pharmacists by means of a standing order from one’s health care provider;

Both Representatives Wells and Copp voted to kill this bill. It was passed by a wide margin in spite of their votes and now is referred to the Committee of Health & Human Services.

House Bill 1763; Establishing a Road Usage Fee for New Hampshire vehicles that have gas mileage of over 20 miles per gallon to make up for lost gas tax revenues;

Both Representatives Wells and Copp voted to kill this bill but it was passed by a wide margin in spite of their votes. Revenues from the passage of this bill will go to New Hampshire road maintenance and construction.

House Bill 1749; Giving the State final authority over our towns to regulate the use of firearms and the management of town property;

Fortunately Representatives Wells and Copp both voted with the majority to send the bill to Interim Study, effectively killing the bill and letting your local elected officials still have some control.

Bear in mind that the above bills passed are not yet law. Some of them have to go to second House Committees and all still have to be passed by the Senate and eventually signed by Governor Sununu.