Andover After School: March, 2013

Dinosaurs, St. Patrick, pirates, and Easter!

By Diane Adams, Director, AASP
Back row: Kyleigh Fanny, Cassidy Piroso, Hawk McCord, Aiden Kellogg, Ryan Gotthardt, Desiree Langlois, Emily Abrahamson, and Liberty Spaulding. Middle row: Aaron Weeks, Wesley Kozoil, Fenn Davis, Emma Pine, Caleb Warzocha, Elliott Norris, and Maggie Kellogg. Front row: Jason Koziol, Mychal Reynolds, and Kaden Fanny

In like a lion, out like a lamb was the AASP/AFAP theme for the month of March. March always seems like such a long month, so we filled it with different themed weeks. We started out with Dinosaur Week, then St. Patrick’s Day Week, Pirate Week, and Easter Week. We grew dinosaurs, made puppets and 3D drawings, and had dinosaur chicken nuggets for snack. We made windmills, leprechaun costumes, decorated some clovers, and had clover cookies and necklaces to keep for St. Patrick’s Day.

Pirate week was all about dressing up and looking for treasure! We made hats, flags, and telescopes. Using a box as a pirate ship was a highlight. The kids really liked following the map to find the treasure.

Ending the month with Easter projects helped to welcome spring and warmer weather. We also had ice cream cookie sandwiches and an Easter egg hunt.

The Annex would like to welcome all of our enrolled families, as well as families who are interested in the Andover After School Program, to an open house. This will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 8:30 to 10:30 AM, and breakfast will be served by our staff, board members, and volunteers. Please feel free to stop in and have a bite to eat. I will be available to give tours and answer any questions you may have about our program.

Andover Elementary/Middle School has decided to make kindergarten a full-day session. This is a positive move for our community. We want to assure everyone that the Andover After School Program has not been affected by this decision. We already have a large group planning to attend next year. We do have space available, and the open house is a great opportunity for families to see what we are all about.

Thank you to all the families who have supported the Andover Five Alive Program, which won’t continue next school year now that AE/MS will hold full-day kindergarten. I had a lot of fun with these children and will miss it. Sometimes change is good.

Happy spring to everyone!