Conservation Commission Minutes, February 13, 2013

By Sandra Graves, Secretary, pro tem.

February 13

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Members: Mary Anne Broshek, Tina Cotton, Sandra Graves, Jerry Hersey, Nan Kaplan. Very active guest: Jason Dudek. Excused: Member Larry Chase.

ASLPT Update: Nan reported that the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust is considering the possibility of easements on several pieces of property within their area. The Foundation of Land Trust Coalition is another educational source. It will be giving two workshops during the year.

There is an effort to restore the Land and Community Heritage Program (LCHIP), which was cancelled by the last state legislature.

Beth McGuinn and Tim Fleury will be involved in engaging landowners of large parcels in group conversations about conservation easements.

Action Items: The ACC will continue to try to obtain a copy of the finalized copy of the Andover Master Plan in order to co-ordinate our Wildlife Action Plan.

Amanda Stone will send information to the ACC Chairman on the federal tax credit for conservation easements.

Jason has contacted Carol Andrews from the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions (NHACC). She gave him information and a template for building a Web page for the ACC on the NHACC web site. There was discussion by the ACC members about the contents and information to be provided on the Web page and the possibility of coordinating and interfacing with the Town’s Web site.

Wildlife Project: The Chairman presented the members of the ACC with a draft covering the items to be considered. Members discussed the prioritization of the five wildlife areas identified at the previous two meetings of the ACC. The priority areas are:

  • Bradley Lake Watershed (Larry Chase)
  • Bog Pond Area (Nan Kaplan)
  • Elbow Pond Area (Mary Anne Broshek)
  • Northeast Area (Jerry Hersey)
  • Southeast Area (Mary Anne Broshek)

A Wildlife Program lead was set for each of these areas as shown above. Members were asked to review the draft template and determine what items they would like to work on.

Town Meeting: There was considerable discussion on the most effective and informative materials to be displayed on our table during the day of the Town Meeting. A timetable was set for manning of the table by the ACC members. Brochures will be obtained from Fish and Game and Cooperative Extension. Jason will design some activities to showcase the wildlife maps and explore a slide show of NRI material.

Other: Tina reported that pending House bill 513 helps restore more conservative legislation for shoreland protection. Some towns were so alarmed by the increase in vegetative cutting along shorelines when the regulations were somewhat relaxed in 2011 that they enacted ordinances reverting back to the previous shoreline regulations of 2008. The pending legislation helps clarify and amend the 2011 changes.

Tina also read an excerpt from a NHACC newsletter dated 2003 about the Conservation Commission of New London launching a survey on invasive species along roads and trails in New London. Several species were targeted for removal.

A map showing the geographic coverage of New Hampshire land trusts was handed out to the members.

Potential ACC members were discussed. Tina will make some contacts to determine interest.