Representative Ann Copp

Representative Anne Copp sent me the following email after she had berated me at the State House for wearing a pink hat from the National Women’s March. I was standing with a sign that read “Trust Women.”
When I found out who she was, I emailed her to ask her what was going on, because she wouldn’t talk to me, but instead yelled that I was a “disgrace!” Her email reply in its entirety (shared with her permission):
“Ms. Brennan,
Let’s just say that you have disgraced yourself in the New Hampshire State House. Furthermore you were also not aware you Happened to be standing in the Hall of Flags were men and women died for our freedoms. Mine where I choose to show respect for them and Our House! You madam had none even for yourself.
Seriously, you and your wayward pals wearing your genitals on your head have sent the Women’s movement back to the stone-age, which is where perhaps you are most happy to dwell. An utter and total disgrace!
Our passions allow both sides debate on any issue, you chose to offend and shutdown debate. The nerve you have to even remotely think you represent Women today is laughable. Accomplished, Intelligent, Determined, not Victims!
When you show respect for yourself and your State you should try to be part of the solution and run to represent your district.
See if you can solve the issues of the day with honor, respect and maybe a little decorum for the institution.
I assure you your constituents would not ask someone with your views to represent the majority of NH Women. Ms Brennan we have nothing in common.
Good day”
I am not a constituent of Ms. Copp’s, but I would like to address her letter here, where her constituents can see it.
Representative Copp, first of all, I am well aware of the significance of the Hall of Flags in the State House. I have lived in New Hampshire for 50 years and know our history. I am also aware that I have a First Amendment right to free speech, and that many veterans, including my husband, would tell you that protecting this freedom is one reason they served. There is a movement in this country to criminalize free speech. I hope you are not in that camp.
Second, the women who designed the pink hats did so to call out our misogynistic president for his vulgar remarks and actions, as well as to take back the original meaning of pussy, thus the kitty-cat ears. Though if I’d wanted to wear genitals on my head, I submit that is also protected speech. (See my first point.)
Third, I don’t understand how standing on one side of an issue, or proudly standing with women who are standing up for their rights and refusing to be victims any longer, constitutes “shutting down debate.”
And finally, some choose to run for office at the local, state or federal level. Others choose the power of speech, the power of the pen, the power of the vote, and the power of peaceful protest.
Nancy Brennan, Weare