The Purpose of Town Meeting

By Janet Moore

About the recent town meeting…it’s worth a reminder that the purpose of a town meeting is to conduct the town’s business for the coming year by addressing warrant articles put forth by the Board of Selectmen and the townspeople. All of the information contained in the town report is made available to the public through detailed budget hearings, general public hearings, all well advertised and open to the public, and through open hours of the Select Board, which also
holds twice monthly meetings, and the Town Administrator.

Efforts to derail the smooth running of the meeting with personal and private concerns serve no purpose. We come as neighbors, to discuss and vote and move forward the town’s agenda. Perhaps those who wish to simply grandstand in front of their friends and whine about and mock the town’s officers should do that someplace else, long before the second Tuesday in March, or else get involved in the decision making themselves.

Janet Moore