Two Special Events in April at Franklin Opera House

High tech and old fashioned magic

Press Release


AudioBody will perform their exciting high tech music and comedy show on April 7 at Franklin Opera House.

On Saturday, April 7 at 7:30 pm, the stage of the Franklin Opera House will be alive with a synthesis of music, comedy, and award-winning technology – AudioBody’s performance is an electronic journey into an unknown realm of seriously spectacular entertainment for all ages.

This thrilling show is an explosive mix of circus arts, relentless comedy, full-body contortion, juggling, LED light shows, and live, up-beat, electronic music! Features a custom 15-foot wide drum set, electronic jumpsuits, and a complete computerized LED lighting system that will transform the Opera House into the full AudioBody experience!

AudioBody’s multifaceted training and over 23 years of experience in the performing arts has brought them all over the US and abroad. They have performed on cruise ships, high-end resorts, and even The White House in Washington DC three times!

Brothers Matthew and Jason Tardy are the original masterminds behind the AudioBody show. They started their performing career in 1994 as young teenagers in a small town in Maine where they presented some sketch comedy at a local community talent show. They were seen by local physical comedian Michael Miclon, who noticed their natural rapport with the audience and invited them to apprentice and tour with him. The apprenticeship opened many doors including the opportunity to train extensively at the Celebration Barn Theater with Mime Master Tony Montanaro as well as Broadway comedians, gold-medal jugglers, and Cirque du Soleil performers. In 2004, after having already toured the country for more than half their lifetimes as a physical comedy team, they decided to create a new show that would be the synthesis of music, comedy, and technology.

A few years later they emerged with an arsenal of audio-visual inventions, including wearable electronic jumpsuits that play music as they move, LED light tubes that are manipulated at high speeds in the dark, a 15 foot wide electronic drum-set, fluorescent light ropes that form the shapes of sound waves, and countless other unique performance gadgets.

“AudioBody is what happens when creativity collides with technology and takes the form of spectacle.” -Kate Griffith, Museum LA

Reserved seating is available online at, or call (603) 934-1901.

This great show is sponsored by Franklin Savings Bank and Independence Financial Advisors.

The Magic of Andrew Silver

Fun for all ages at Franklin Opera House presents a magic show featuring Andrew Silver on April 26 at 10 AM.

A special 10:00 a.m. show of magic, juggling, and comedy will delight young and old alike at the Franklin Opera House on Thursday, April 26. Andrew Silver will offer this great entertainment during the April school break.

Years of practice, coupled with his uncanny nimbleness, have cemented Andrew Silver’s reputation as one of Maine’s leading magicians and jugglers. In addition, his versatility and keen sense of timing as a comedian are making him a legend as a professional variety artist.

By adapting techniques and themes from the new vaudeville clowns, Andrew has created a masterpiece of modern performance for every age level. He uses his skills as a performer to shine new light on modern life by addressing topics ranging from advertisement and social media, to health and psychology. Join Andrew as he explores these ideas with his cunning whimsy and playful curiosity.

General admission tickets for this show are only $5 for everyone, available online at, or at the door.

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