Town Meeting Follow-Up From the Andover Select Board

By Victoria Mishcon

Many questions were asked at Town Meeting that required detailed answers. The information below addresses many of those questions.

The scope of work for a full bid for Old College Road had not been established because, being a designated scenic road, residents have input on the project when a scenic road is resurfaced, and we had not had a meeting at the time of the Town Meeting.   Estimates on paving costs are coming in this week. The project had to get started last fall to resolve safety issues. To that end, the road surface was ground, material added (town gravel), the road graded, rolled and liquid calcium chloride applied and ditching and drainage improved. GMI Paving was in the area at the time between jobs and they did the grinding for us at a substantially reduced cost of $4,999. down from $10,000. This portion of the project has a total cost of $31,289.04. Complete financial details are available at the Town Office.

Town Office and Library expenditures came from both the operating budget and the Town Buildings Expendable Trust Fund (ETF).

Town Office and Library expenditures came from both the operating budget and the Town Buildings Expendable Trust Fund (ETF).
The total amount spent from the ETF was $33,069. Utility work for facilitation of the solar agreement was $2,000. Library repairs including masonry ($10,300) and excavation work at the library main entrance($960), attic insulation and foundation sealing($4,680), town employee labor ($247) was completed for a total of $16,187. Drainage work ($4,900), materials for door and ramp ($364), ramp repair labor ($1,380) and the heat pumps ($8,237) totaled $14,882. Complete financial details of these projects are available at the Town Office.

The operating budget line for town building repairs and maintenance was  $7,500. The line was overspent by $11,707 for a total of $19,207.
Electrical work exchanging all lighting for LEDs  was $5,716; alarm system repair was $459.; repair and moving fuel tank to access sill repair totaled $1,503; carpentry sill labor was $3,695; painting materials for town office interior was  $2,432; siding and sheathing at library door was $227; foundation leak in front entrance was $567 in materials. Total: $14,599. The remaining $4,608. was routine maintenance and supplies.

Please note that some of this work was completed in 2016, but was not billed until 2017.

This year the Town Meeting voted to reduce expenditures on the town office building by $25,000. The proposed budget was $15,000. We have taken the budget line for town building maintenance and repairs down to $0 and had to find other areas in the budget to reduce it by the remaining $10,000. We plan to leave $10,000 in the ETF for emergency repairs, leaving the town approximately $25,000 for routine maintenance and repairs.