Board of Selectmen Minutes, January 21, 2013

Condensed from approved minutes

January 21

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Mishcon, Selectman Gross, Selectman Danforth, Marjorie M. Roy

Department Reports

Jon Champagne, Road Agent

The measurement from edge of asphalt to the corner pin at the sandpit on White Oak Road is 640 feet. Grader hours as of January 7 were 4,830.

Jon asked the Board to consider allowing him to put together a cost quote for clearing brush and small trees on White Oak Road. Jon will donate the use of his excavator for stacking the wood. The Board agreed.

Catch basins on Fox Farm Road, Blueberry Lane, Lawrence Street, and Mill Road were treated with calcium chloride because freezing has been an issue. Thinking ahead to mud season, we may want to get a cost quote on ¾” inch stone or crush the stone at the Transfer Station to that size to be used in ditches and covered.

Jon will meet with the Town Administrator on January 22 regarding the logging operation moving to Beech Hill Road to determine whether a road bond needs to be posted. This will also be true for Tucker Mountain Road and Maple Street, where the Bourdon logging operation will bring out the logs from Valley Road.

Valley Road drainage. Selectman Mishcon reported that Ed Hiller told her that he and his wife have been diligently cleaning the catch basins and drainage has not been an issue. Jon stated that there is very little room for error in this situation. The volume of rain and wind makes a huge difference. We need to remember that the Town has liability.

Jon asked the Board to remember that the catch basins were cleaned by New England Basin Cleaners. Selectman Danforth requested a quote for fixing the Valley Road problem be obtained before Town Meeting. This problem is now five years old and needs to be resolved. The longer it goes unresolved, the more costly it will be.

To soften the cost, it might be possible to implement a two-year plan: First year, establish drainage; Second year, build and pave road. The alternative would be to return to what was there before the changes were made. Jon is unaware of any culvert having gone under the road and draining on the left side.

Jon will also work on quotes for removing the pavement on Sam Hill Road.

Jon stated that Last Street Bridge had major repairs eight years ago and should not be showing any major deficiencies.

EMS – John Kinney

The ambulance call average is down a little from last year, however it is average for all years. Ambulance inspection will take place in March, and the ambulance is ready.

Chief Laramie, Police Department

Stats: 185 calls that included 51 warnings, 6 summonses, 6 civil issues, and one DUI arrest on New Year’s Day.

The cruiser fuel is purchased through the City of Franklin, where the price is $2.94 per gallon. This allows Andover to take advantage of the municipal rate, which does not include tax.

The department received a donation of $500 from an Andover company.

Pistol permit applications have increased.

Police Standards and Training for 2012 have been met.


Zoning Enforcement Discussion: State building code written in 2001 and municipalities could adopt. If a town is enforcing an obsolete building code, they must take action to correct. Enforcement is in the zoning article. Andover should repeal the building code in its entirety.

The Zoning Enforcement Officer is required to check for compliance with lot size, set-backs, zoning, flood plain information, etc. A checklist will be completed before a permit is issued. The Planning Board will need to hold a public hearing to repeal the building code. After Town Meeting approves, the Board of Selectmen will indemnify the Building Inspector.

There will need to be an article in the March issue of the Beacon explaining the enforcement changes.

Also noted:

Fees should be charged for Life Safety Inspections performed by the Fire Chief, and the Town is required by state statute to pay the Chief.

Driveway permits are supposed to go from the Road Agent to the Planning Board before they are issued.

The Town is to notify local banks that it is not writing certificates of occupancy.

Budget Review: The Board decided to go to Town Meeting with the same budget as the Budget Committee.

Warrant Articles: The Board decided not to include the Historic Barn Preservation Easement in the 2013 Town Meeting Warrant.

The warrant articles have been finalized and will be sent to DRA for review.

The Town Administrator will get the price from the Road Agent for demolition of the tax-deeded camp on Franklin Highway across from Dodge Lane. Demolition will include caving in the old well on that property.

The Board signed Petition and Pole Licenses and prior meeting minutes.

A motion was made by Selectman Danforth authorizing Chairperson Mishcon to sign the contract for Jane Sanders Searches. Selectman Gross seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

New Business

Highway Safety: The New Hampshire Department of Safety has informed municipalities around the state that some available grant funding is available for pedestrian safety. Andover is interested in applying for the grant that would provide radar speed signs to be installed on each side of Andover Village.

Jon Ferris, Business Manager for Proctor Academy joined the discussion. The cost of each sign is $2,900 uninstalled. This price does not include shipping or installation, and the grant provides 50% payment. The new signs would tell drivers what the speed limit is and at what speed they are traveling.

A highway safety committee will need to be established in order to apply for the grant. This will need to be done by the end of February.

John Ferris stated that Proctor Academy appreciates the Board initiative and hopes this can be the beginning of ongoing conversation regarding safety. Proctor Academy would like to support the 50% cost that the grant does not cover. Selectman Danforth said he would also contact the Andover Lions Club because they would like to be involved.

Selectman Danforth made the motion to appoint a Highway Safety Committee: Chief Laramie, John Ferris, and Paul Currier. Selectman Gross seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.