Board of Selectmen Minutes, February 19, 2013

February 19

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Selectmen Gross and Danforth, Town Administrator Roy, Road Agent Champagne, guest Jeff Miller. Selectman Mishcon was absent due to illness.

Road Agent’s Report – Jon Champagne

Jon presented an estimate for drainage, catch basins, etc. on Valley Road. He also presented a quote from Clarke and Company for gravel crushing at the Transfer Station. Jon requested that the Town Administrator bring all open work orders to the next work session.

The Board and Road Agent discussed correspondence from the road agent in Wilmot requesting information and permission to transport gravel from Leonard Caron’s pit over the Keniston Bridge on Bridge Road. The Selectmen and the Road Agent will discuss this at their next work session.

In response to a letter from Maria and Paul Glorioso of Depot Street, the Road Agent will check the culvert across Depot Street from the Glorioso property. The concern is flooding if the culvert is not cleaned out.

Note to Chief Laramie: The Town Administrator will send a memo to Chief Laramie to be sure road postings are being enforced. The Board will also ask Chief Laramie to talk to Green Crow regarding the Plains Road posting. If the road is posted, logging trucks should take shortest way in.

Jon will do a quote for destruction and disposal of the small building across from Dodge Lane (tax deeded). Jeff Miller asked if it was necessary to do an asbestos inspection. Selectman Danforth stated that the building is under the specified 1,000 square foot requirement.

Selectman Danforth requested service records for the power train on the grader. Jon stated that he does not have records prior to his election as Road Agent. Since his election, the records are kept on the grader operator’s time sheets.

The Town Administrator presented a request for funding and a subsequent bill from the Franklin VNA. On February 14, the Town received a bill for $2,000, and TA Roy called to inquire the reason for the bill. Apparently the funding request was originally sent in November; however, it was not received by the Town.

The Board asked TA Roy to send a copy of the funding request to the Lake Sunapee VNA. The Selectmen were under the impression that the Lake Sunapee VNA solely serviced Andover. It is hoped that the two agencies can resolve the situation.

TA Roy presented a letter from a Salisbury resident who inquired about existing shared police service between Andover and Salisbury. The letter will be given to Chairperson Mishcon. Send to Shared Services group.

A letter from Rob Upton, town counsel, was tabled for the next work session.

A sign application for Andover Family Practice was approved.

Selectman Gross made a motion to transfer the funds from the Village Park Fund to the Blackwater Park Fund. Selectman Danforth seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

The Town Administrator will bring a draft of the letter going out to all committee chairpersons and department heads outlining office procedures.

The Planning Board has agreed to use the office to implement and maintain the new system for code inspections. The time allowance is estimated to be four hours a week, and the hours will be charged to the Planning Board budget.

Note: Selectman Danforth made reference to the fact that Andover provides approximately nine more open hours for the Board of Selectmen’s Office than other towns.