Notes from Concord

By David Karrick

Once again I’ve been tracking some of the recent votes of our current State Representatives, Anne Copp and Natalie Wells, at the Statehouse in Concord:

March 22 Session:

House Bill 1313, Repeals prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on your OHRV or Snowmobile; Wells voted in favor, Copp was absent. Bill passed 181 to 148. Goes to the Senate next.

House Bill 1678, Reducing the penalty for some first offense drug charges; Reported out of committee as ITL(Inexpedient to Legislate): Wells voted for the ITL which was upheld by a vote of 227 to 108. Copp was absent.

House Bill 156, Giving a Fetus potential personhood in murder or suicide; The vote was to remove the bill from the “Table” and bring it to an up or down vote, Wells voted in favor, Copp was absent. Vote was against removal from the “table”, 175 to 113.

House Bill 628, Establishing paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance; Wells voted against this program, Copp was absent. Bill was approved 171 to 162. The bill is now being considered by the Senate.

House Bill 1763, Establishing a road usage fee for NH vehicles averaging 20 miles or more per gallon; Wells voted against this proposal, Copp was absent. Bill was approved 168 to 152. The bill is now before the Senate Transportation committee.

House Bill 656, Would legalize limited cultivation of home Marijuana plants and allow the possession of certain marijuana infused products; Wells voted to send this bill to Interim Study (effectively killing the bill for this year’s sessions), Copp was absent. Bill sent to Interim Study by a vote of 153 to 135.

April 5 Session:

Senate Bill 313, Establishes the NH Medicaid and Premium Assistance Program which would replace the current NH Medicaid Program which terminates 12/31/2018 and increases funding for substance use treatment and prevention with increased liquor store revenues. Wells voted against the amended bill as did Copp, Bill was approved 222 to 125. It is now before the House Finance Committee and will have to be voted on again by the full House, probably on May 2.

Senate Bill 451, Preventing Wildlife Trafficking, especially endangered species. Both Wells and Copp voted to recommit this bill to the House Fish and Game Committee. Vote was 191 to 154 to recommit.

April 12 Session:

Senate Bill 500, Another bill allowing loaded firearms to be carried in or on an OHRV, snowmobile, also in a stationary motor vehicle and aircraft. Also allows taking of wildlife by muzzleloader, crossbow, or air rifle. Both Wells and Copp voted in favor of this bill, vote of 184 to 146 in favor was almost identical to the March 22 House vote for House Bill 1313.

Senate Bill 517, To establish an electric vehicle charging stations infrastructure commission. Both Wells and Copp voted against this bill. Bill was adopted as amended by a vote of 180 to 155.

Senate Bill 411, Reduces the maximum aggregate amount of total research and development tax credits granted to all applicants from $7 million per year to $2 million per fiscal year. Both Wells and Copp voted in favor of this bill as amended which was adopted by a vote of 170 to 165.

The next NH House session will be on Thursday April 19