Tribute to the “Loon Lady of Pleasant Lake,” Kittie Wilson

By Donna Baker-Hartwell

Kittie Wilson who has done so much to protect the loons in New Hampshire (along with her husband John) has died. She was the “Loon Lady” on Pleasant Lake in New London for many, many years. She was my mentor.
She understood loons better than anyone. She knew and always was my source of wisdom and often reassurance. Kittie helped me set up the floating loon nest and showed me how to make it “desirable” by putting sand/soil and planting greens on it.
I will never forget that she brought “forget-me-not” seeds to add to our floating nest. It was the last thing we added and she said that “forget-me-not” (such a pretty little flower) would represent the joint effort that humans and loons have to help baby loons survive.
Kittie was a true human gem.