Andover Select Board Approved Minutes 5/7/18

By Pat Moyer

Condensed from approved minutes

Meeting convened at 6:34 p.m.
Members Present:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Selec Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Chuck Keyser, Select Board members; John Thompson, Road Agent, and Elita Reed, Bookkeeper.


Also present were: Nadeshda Hebert, Herbie Barton, and Joanna Sumner, Town Clerk/Tax Collector


Road Agent Report
Current projects – The highway department has been opening up the cemeteries, including the water lines at the cemeteries throughout town.
Beach House –  Chaffee Beach house is open. However, the floor at the beach house needs repair. The floor joists are fine, but plywood needs to be put down. Thompson found a special product at Belletetes to paint the floor. The cost for a gallon of this paint is about $80.00.  The Board agreed to allow Thompson to purchase that product, repair and paint the floor.
Road maintenance – Patching roads and grading continue to be done around town. As the crew drives throughout town, they are removing the 6-ton limit signs.
Old College Road – The final work for this road has gone out to bid. Companies should come out to look at the job and provide quotes in the next two weeks.
Flaghole Road – Wood Sutton, a resident of Brick House Road requested paving be done on this road. Thompson indicated that the wear coat is coming off and cracking. Thompson agreed that the Town needs to look at starting to work on this road. Flaghole Road was paved almost 25 years ago and there has been no maintenance done on it. Roy stated that Lake’s Region Planning Commission can help with this. She will contact them for assistance.
Putney Road and Nadeshda Hebert – Hebert gave a history of  things that have occurred on her property that have upset her regarding road work that she feels negatively affected her property. . At this point, when Hebert hears that ditching will be done, it upsets her. Hebert would like to have the remains from the ditching done last fall, all cleaned up. Thompson will l meet with Hebert to find out just want she wants cut and cleaned up. Hebert will contact Thompson to work out a day and a time.  
Shaw Hill and Linda Barnes – Thompson looked at the issue that Barnes had and stated that it clearly was the wing of the ditching equipment which caused the issue. Thompson said it was already on the work list.
Morrill Hill Road Bridge – All the big pieces for construction are there. The bridge should be opened by June 1 A new change order was received for the significant change with an earlier completion time along with the final payment due date of August 9, 2018.
Budget Review – The Board reviewed the budget with Thompson. Reed reactivated the line items in the accounting program so that items are not lumped into large categories. When items are grouped in large categories, such as winter maintenance, you cannot track money being spent on specific items easily. As an example, winter maintenance is now broken down into line items that will show the cost of sand, salt, etc…separately.
Herbie Barton – Barton and Thomson had a discussion regarding bids for Old College Road. The Board also informed Barton of the specifics of doing work on a scenic road. Barton had more questions. Mishcon suggested Barton meet with the Board at a work session so that they can answer all his questions. Barton agreed.
Crown Vic – The Board asked Thompson if the highway department had any use for the old police cruiser. Thompson stated that the vehicle did not have any use or purpose for the highway department. This vehicle will be put in the state auction.
Tahoe – It will not pass inspection. It will be sold by sealed bid.
Donated truck – Last fall, Thompson spoke to Larry Dingy about the work the fire department did on constructing the six – wheeler vehicle. Larry had an identical fire truck but it needed a clutch. Larry was willing to donate the vehicle to the Town. Thompson picked up the vehicle and it is currently parked at White Oak Pit. After discussion, the Board and Thompson decided that the extra truck can be utilized as a parts truck.  The vehicle will be used only as a parts truck and will not be road worthy. The Board will need to accept it formally as a donation along with a thank you note.
Commercial Driving License – Thompson explained that it is very hard to find a part-time grader driver. However, the two full time employees are working on attaining their CDL’s to

alleviate the problem


.Transfer Station
Work Session – The Board tentatively scheduled a work session for Friday, May 18, 2018 at 8 AM to review the bids and the Request for Prices (RFP) for the office building at the transfer station. Mishcon will not be able to attend this work session due to a work obligation.
Manager Position – The job listing will be in the Kearsarge Shopper on this Wednesday. It is also on the Town’s website. Blinn asked if there was another place to advertise the position such as a group that the former Transfer Station manager was a part of. Roy will have it posted on the New Hampshire Municipal Association site.
Recycling – Mishcon spoke to Mike Durfor the NRRA about the current recycling issues. He indicated it is clear that single stream is not worth it at this point and the Town should go back to sorting recyclables.
Bailers – Roy spoke to Marilyn Weir about information on new bailers and what type are needed and appropriate for our Transfer Station. Among the choices besides sizes, There are horizontal and vertical bailers. Marilyn wants to put together a group in June with folks using an assortment of types of bailers to meet with the Board so they can make an informed and appropriate choice of bailers.
Swap Shop type item accumulation – The Board discussed the amount of swap shop type items that are both inside and outside of the building. After discussion the Board voted unanimously to have the staff clean up and remove those items before the first swap shop on Saturday.
Exterminator report from Blinn – Blinn reported that he spoke to Curtis who is the person actually working on exterminating the rats from the Transfer Station. The infestation is much larger than initially thought. At that time, it looked like there were about 150 rats, but now that Curtis is working on eradicating the rats, it appears the issue is much bigger. Curtis estimated that there are probably more like 350-400 rats. Curtis explained that it took years for the infestation to get his big. It will take more than six weeks to eradicate the rats. Curtis believes even a couple of months will not take care of it. There needs to be more treatments before a maintenance plan can even be started.  After another treatment, Curtis would like to cover up the holes with stone and then see what comes out of the area. Curtis explained that it’s a serious issue and it needs to be gotten ahead of and under control before the maintenance plan happens.
Town Hall front door – Roy reported that Town and County who did the Town Hall siding will be out to measure and give a quote for replacing the flashing this week.


Budget Review
Reed gave the Board information on where the Town is with the overall budget at this point in time. It is currently with 62% left in the budget.   


Manifest Review
Last two week period ending on Saturday April 28, 2018 is as follows:
Payroll $18, 956.51
Accounts Payable $15, 663.49
Grand Total $34, 620.00

Other Business
Proctor Liaison Committee – Mishcon will be attending the next meeting of the Proctor Liaison Committee on Tuesday. May 15 at 2:30 PM . Mishcon asked the Board if they had any information that should be shared with the committee. After discussion the following were decided to bring to the committee’s attention:
o Unpaid taxes – Sumner will provide that information to Mishcon
o Update on Morrill Hill Road Bridge
o Verizon and the new road at the Transfer Station
Transfer Station trees/wood – Last week, after the walk at the Transfer Station viewing the road proposed for Verizon’s cell tower, there was only about one oak tree that has any value. Mishcon had a discussion with Larry Chase from the Conservation Commission about the wood and where it will go. Chase had a conversation with a representative with the Wood Ministry (through Kearsarge Region Ecumenical Ministry) who will take the wood and give the wood to those in need.  The Board discussed it and decided that wood will best be to give it to the Wood Ministry.
Mountain Brook Trail – Mary Anne Broshek spoke to Mishcon about her talk with Jim McKenna who owns a large parcel of conserved land there. There is a lot of erosion there from people using that area with riding machines. McKenna was very surprised when he saw it.  Broshek suggested that the Conservation Commission put a gate up in that area to prevent further damage. After discussion, the Board agreed that the Conservation Commission can put up a gate there. However, it will need to be accessed from the Hill side. That side is privately owned and the Conservation Commission will need to find out who owns that property and contact the owner for permission to install a gate.  
Budget Committee Meeting – Keyser reported that the Budget Committee would like to meet with the Board in August or September to be apprised of larger projects for the following budget year prior to getting into budget season.

Correspondence and Signatures
Letter-Jonathan D. Weidman, Esquire
Change Order-Michael Hansen Construction Ltd.
Verizon First Amendment to Land Lease Agreement
Verizon Notice of Land Lease
Verizon Landscape Easement Deed
Quitclaim Deed-Town to Andover Fire District #1
Intent-To-Cut Scott Edgar
Intent-To-Cut Kerber
Gravel Tax Levies:  Theodore, A. Boisvert, Wm. Bardsley, Raymond, J. Champagne (2)
Current Use Approval-Rose & Bishop

Non Public Session
Mishcon made a motion to go into Non-Public Session at 8:25 p.m. by Roll Call Vote
Mishcon    Yes Blinn Yes Keyser Yes
Closed Public Meeting at 8:25 PM.               Opened Non-Public Session at 8:25 PM.                 Closed Non-Public Session at 8:50 PM          Re-opened Public Meeting at 8:50 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary