Planning Board Approved Minutes 4//24/18

By Nancy Teach

Condensed from approved minutes:

Members Present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Doug Phelps; Art Urie; and Dave Blinn, Ex-Officio.  Paul Currier joined the meeting at 7:15 PM.

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Pat Moyer, Zoning & Planning Coordinator; AJ Giglio; Mary Anne Broshek

Announcements / Correspondence

There will be a Verizon site visit on April 25, 2018 at 2 PM..  The road to the platform has been staked out. Dave Pilla will be attending as the invited forester.  The Conservation Commission and Selectboard have also been invited.

. An edited version of the Town Zoning Ordinance was received by Teach for review.  Once reviewed, it will be posted on the town website as a PDF.
The Conservation Commission is working on a wetlands buffer article to be included in the Town Ordinance.

Non-Binding Consultation – Brian MacKenzie and AJ Giglio for 4 Mill Road regarding a gathering spot and restaurant.  The property is in the Agricultural / Residential and Village Districts

Giglio presented a floor plan for the building which will contain five major sections – a full service kitchen; a bar with seating for approximately twenty guests; a restaurant with seating for approximately 100 guests; retail space; and a private function area which will seat fifty to seventy-five guests.  The entrance will be relocated to the side along Route 11 with a false dormer at the new entrance. They are currently discussing a new 70’ x 80’ or 60’ x 100’ leach field. A fire suppression system is required for 300 guests. A dry hydrant may be installed to pump from the Blackwater River to meet fire code requirements. Giglio and MacKenzie have been in communication with the Fire Department. 3-phase power will be brought in and there will be a generator installed.  Solar has also been considered. After Giglio reviewed the Site Plan Application he questioned whether there would be a difference between the hours of operation allowed by the town versus the state and it was the consensus of the board that there would be no need for restrictions on hours of operation as part of site plan approval. Lighting will possibly include spot lights on the building which will be down lighting. He also had a question – will the ‘smoke and odor’ portion of the Site Plan Review be issues as there will be both due to barbeque food items to be served.  It was the consensus of the board that general best practice smoke and odor control for restaurant establishments would be sufficient.

Non-Binding – Mary Anne Broshek – Shaw Hill Road – ADU

Broshek explained that an attached apartment was built for her mother in 1994 and she received a Certificate of Completion.  A letter was received from the town indicating the apartment was illegal some time later. She was ten granted a Variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment which stipulated that the apartment could only be occupied until her mother passed away. Broshek presented a copy of the tax card and identified where the apartment was located in the building.  There are internal and external entrances. Broshek was advised to submit a letter to the Planning Board outlining what she has and what she would like and the Planning Board will reply and send a copy to Avitar.

Class VI Road Discussion

Randall Costa put together bullet points for Town Counsel to review regarding the Class VI roads.  Town Counsel has responded. Town Administrator Marj Roy reviewed Selectboard minutes and discovered that the Selectboard did not formally adopt the Class VI Road Policy that was recommended by the Planning Board on November 12, 2013.



Condensed from approved minutes:
Minutes of April 10, 2018

The board reviewed the minutes and will look to approve them at the May 8, 2018 meeting.

Selectboard Update – Dave Blinn

The Selectboard met with Merrimack County for culvert repairs throughout the town based on a grant.

. There will be follow up meetings with FEMA.
Hazard Mitigation goals need to be reviewed with the Selectboard, Road Agent and other town boards.

. The Selectboard is working with FEMA representatives regarding potential repair to Elbow Pond Road.

Additional Items for Consideration

. Currier and Broshek conducted a site visit with Jon Champagne regarding possible wetlands issue with his new driveway on Route 4 near Bay Road.  No wetland issues were observed. Champagne has logged the adjacent land pursuant to an intent-to-cut and plans are to take the hill out for aggregate over a period of years using occasional short periods of work involving explosives and a rock crusher. Then Jon’s brother can build a home on his property which is located behind Jon’s property.  During the site visit Currier advised him to come before the Planning Board for a non-binding consultation. Champagne stated he is working with an engineer to come up with a plan to present to the Planning Board, and will soon be ready to come before the Planning Board.


The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM..

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Meier, Recording Secretary