AE/MS Bridge Building Club Report

By Andrew Tyler, AE/MS
Students in 7th and 8th grade had the opportunity to design and build scale model bridges in the new Bridge Building Club at AE/MS

Bridge Building is a new club that started up this year.  Students from 7th and 8th grades teamed up in groups of three to learn how truss bridges were designed, built, and their uses.  By using the research that they collected, students would then create their own design using computer software provided to us by the competition sponsor.  We were also super fortunate to have a NHDoT engineer come visit us and give us a presentation on the forces that play on bridges, how engineers design bridges specifically to withstand those stresses.  
We then began to build our model bridges with ⅛” x ⅛” balsa wood strips and glue.  Students began building two walls, a floor, and a ceiling for their bridges. We are in the final stages of construction now and will be putting our bridges through a stress test in the following weeks to see which group created the most stable and strongest bridge.  We, unfortunately, were not selected to move on to the national rounds, but students are excited to try again next year, ready to jump in with and apply all we have already learned to building a new type of bridge!