AE/MS MakerSpace Club End of Year Report

By Andrew Tyler, AE/MS
Students in 7th and 8th grade had the opportunity to design and build scale model bridges in the new Bridge Building Club at AE/MS

Makerspace Club this year has been full of some amazing inventors, tinkerers, perlers, and makers!   We welcomed a new group of Makers from this year’s 4th grade and they have really jumped into the Maker mindset. Students explored circuit creation and even created some wearable technology with parachute cord, copper tape, a battery, and an LED.  Others have been busy working to create Perler bead designs, often recreating Minecraft items and characters. We have had a couple of students working on Kerbal Space program where they can design, build, and fly a rocket and learn more about the engineering process involved in creating a virtual rocket to travel into space.  
Lego Mindstorms were very popular as students explore programming and robot design along with adding some creativity towards their projects.  Finally, many students were focused on just working towards making something. A green screen movie studio popped up one meeting, and during another some paper circuit projects, rainbow loom, a duct tape race car, and more!  We have had a great year and are very excited for Makerspace next year too!