Selectboard Approved Minutes June 4, 2018

By Patricia Moyer

Meeting convened at 6:30 p.m.
Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Select Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Chuck Keyser, Select Board Members; Road Agent, John Thompson; Officer Dan Mori; and Police Chief, Joe Mahoney.
Also present were: Jim Delaney, Herbie Barton, David Barton, Zach Barton, Kaitlyn Hurley, Steve Barton, and Chris Turgeon, NH Department of Transportation (DOT) Representative.                         
Mishcon opened the meeting by reviewing the rules for public participation.
Last Street Bridge – The residents on Last Street have complained about the bridge not being fixed because the oil companies will not deliver oil due to the 6-ton limit going across the bridge. They are also concerned that if they need to do any construction or improvements, those big truck deliveries will not go across the bridge either. The Board noted that the bridge has been posted for years and there has not been a concern from the oil companies making deliveries to those residents until now.
The Board reviewed the NH Department of Transportation’s (DOT) bridge inspection report. After discussion, the Board decided that NH DOT needs to tell Andover what needs to be done to correct the problem. Thompson indicated that the materials are already ready for the decking. Roy will contact DOT.
Highway Block Grant – Thompson had a list of suggested projects for this grant as follows:
Switch Road – this road was done four years ago. If the chip seal is done now, it will keep the road in good condition for another ten years. Allstate Paving estimated the cost as $39, 330.67.
Shaw Hill Road – this road needs major repairs
Flaghole Road – this road need major repairs
Cilleyville Road – from Route 11 to Kearsarge Mountain Road needs to be ditched and resealed
Channel Road –  from Maple Street to Route 11 needs to be resurfaced
Shirley Road – this road has drainage issues due to the broken pipe and two basins
North Road – from Route 11 through to Proctor needs to be resurfaced
Old College Road – up to Maple Street needs some rocks taken out and to be resurfaced.
Plains Road – this road needs to be shimmed. There are rocks that can be taken out and dead trees removed

Thompson requested the Board prioritize the list. He explained that the project needs to be a new project but it can also be split up on different roads.
The Board discussed which road made sense to utilize the grant funds with. Mishcon liked the fact that if Shaw Hill Road is done, it is the same equipment that will be used for Old College Road and that will save a significant amount of funds. Mishon also thought doing Switch Road and maybe other small projects would also be good.
Thompson will gather some quotes for Shaw Hill Road and a couple of other small projects. The Town received the $80, 000.00 grant last July and it must be taken within eighteen months.
Merrimack County Conservation District Culvert Assessment – Thompson will prioritize the list of culverts in town that need to be worked on.  
Beach House – there are pin hole leaks in the roof. The Board agreed there is money in the budget to replace the fiberglass roof.
Other Projects
The highway department has been working on these projects as follows:
Mowing and dump runs – have been ongoing.  
Hall Street – finished work from the wash out
Covered bridge – cleaned
Grading – continues
FEMA – measuring has been time consuming
Zack Barton – approached the Board again in hopes to get the issues with his neighbor, Josh Gee, resolved. Barton did not have a water issue on his property until Gee put in the driveway and culvert on his own property next to Barton. Barton wanted to know about the 15’ set back rule on constructing the driveway.  
The Board explained that under Andover’s Zoning Ordinance, a driveway is not a “structure” and therefore, there are no set back requirements. A copy of the page in the Zoning Ordinance defining “structure” was provided to Barton.
Barton told the Board that the culvert that Gee said he would remove still remains in place.  
The Board explained that the water issues Barton has with Gee are civil issues and the Town does not have the authority to resolve these issues.
Barton asked about the junk vehicles Gee has on his property. The Board indicated that they would do a site visit at some point.

Barton asked what would happen Gee does not have a driveway permit. The Board referred to Paul Currier who said, likely a retro permit would be issued.
Barton indicated that Gee will soon be occupying the property. The Board told Barton that once Gee occupies that premises, there are septic issue that need to be addressed.   

Paul Currier requested the Board formally adopt the Class VI Road Policy. Currier gave a brief history of the policy. He indicated that the Planning Board thought the policy was adopted back in 2013 when the Planning Board unanimously recommended it to be adopted.
Currier explained that while he worked on the Master Plan, what the committee heard from the town people was that they wanted to preserve the forested hillsides and the Town did not want scattered development.
Currier stated that the specific intent of requesting the Board to adopt the policy was not to influence the current case with resident, Peter Sanborn, requesting to build on a Class VI road.
Thompson stated that there was an issue with the Planning Board when a new resident on the end of Emery Road wanted to build on a Class VI road. There was a reason why the policy was not signed.
Currier also indicated that the new updated Master Plan might dictate otherwise. It is recommended to be updated every three to five years.
The Board declined to vote this evening to adopt the Class VI Road Policy until the newest member of the Board was updated on the issues.  

Chris Turgeon stated that he re-submitted the Temporary Use Agreement (TUA) the Friday before Memorial Day to Roy. Roy forwarded the TUA to the Board. Turgeon explained the TUA paperwork is the initial step before any negotiations take place between the State and the Town.  The document is non-binding. After discussion the Board will work on this during their work session on Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.
Roy updated the information for the Request for Pricing (RFP). Mishcon will put the notice out on the sign by the road in front of Town Hall. Roy will also let all the contractors on the Town’s list know about the project.

Tom Franz from the Recreation Department contacted Roy through email wondering if the Recreation Department supplied an installer for the lights, would the Town be willing to pay for the monthly electric costs.
After discussion about the liability and other issues, the Board felt that the culvert tunnel is very accessible for vandalism. All agreed this is a Rail Trail Project.
Mishcon made a motion to pass on the offer from the Recreation Department to have the Town’s involvement on this project. Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. The motion passed.
Creating and Maintaining a Positive Workplace Culture
Roy applied for this year- long program. Roy was one of twenty accepted into the program. Roy will be away three mornings during the summer attending the program at Primex. Roy needed to build a team at work. Due to the small employee base, Roy told the Board they are all part of her team.
Intent to cut – Duncan Coolidge – 10-292-166
Intent to Cut – Phillip Theodore – 18-015-004
Both signed by all three Board members.

Blinn made a motion to approve the minutes of May 21, 2018. Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of May 21, 2018 are approved.

Mishcon met with the committee on May 15, 2018 and reports the following information:
There have been residents of Andover who question the number of properties that Proctor purchases thus taking some of those properties off the tax rolls. The faculty housing without students is not taxed. However, Proctor paid the following in taxes in:
2016 $117, 000
2017 $140, 000
2018 $187, 000 estimated

In addition, Andover receives Timber Tax Revenues from Proctor.
Proctor will spend approximately $130, 000.00 on the swing bridge that needs to be replaced.
Proctor will spend approximately $100, 000.00 on dredging the pond.
Steve Barton inquired about some money issues that were not clear to him between the Town Report and the recent Beacon articles. Roy and the Board explained as best they could to answer Barton’s questions to his satisfaction.
Barton offered his carpentry services to fix the Town Hall front door or at least his opinion for the folks that will fix the door.
Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.
Wednesday June 20, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

Mishcon made the motion to go into Non-Public Session at 8:   p.m. by Roll Call Vote:
Mishcon: Yes Blinn: Yes Keyser: Yes

Closed Public Meeting at 8:20 p.m.                 Opened Non-Public Session at 8:20 p.m.  Closed Non-Public Session at 8:30 p.m.        Re-opened Public Meeting at 8:30 pm.
Closed Public Meeting at 8:30 p.m.            Opened Non-Public Session at 8:30 p.m.              Closed Non-Public Session at 8:40 p.m.

ADJOURNMENT: Moyer was excused at 8:45 p.m. per Select Board

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary