David Karrick Announces Run for State Representative for Merrimack District 25

By David Karrick

My name is David Karrick, and I celebrated America’s birthday by marching with friends and supporters in Andover’s wonderful parade.
For four years, I had the honor of representing the citizens of Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner and Webster in Concord. Now, with the support of my many friends in Merrimack District 25, I’m stepping forward to once again ask for your trust and your vote in the Democratic primary on September 11 and the general election on November 6.  

During both of my terms in the legislature, I was fortunate to serve on the Ways and Means Committee. Prior to my service in the State House, I served two terms as a selectman in my hometown of Warner, where I’ve lived for 22 years.

I also enjoyed a long and successful career in finance which allowed me to support my three children and volunteer on many political campaigns and for many progressive causes. I am now the proud grandfather of six grandchildren.  
I understand what it means to sacrifice to raise a family. I understand what happens to families when our schools and our towns are shortchanged by the state. I understand what it will take to turn this around.

As an active supporter of women’s rights (I’m proud of my 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood), I find myself in the strange and unenviable position of running against two smart and capable women – Bianca Acebron Peco in the Democratic primary and Natalie Wells in the general election. Bianca is a young, native Granite Stater, who has a bright future ahead of her in politics. Natalie is committed to our communities. And while I believe that competitive elections strengthen our democracy, I also believe that I’m the best candidate for these tough times.
I don’t have to tell you that we are facing many challenges as a state and a nation. In the two years since I served in the legislature, I’ve seen local and school taxes rise, overwhelming young families and seniors, even as Governor Sununu and the Republicans gave away $100 million in tax cuts to the wealthiest 3 percent of corporations. I’ve watched the state go back on its commitment to help fund the retirement of police, firefighters, teachers and other public servants – and guarantee universal kindergarten for our children. I’ve seen our communities continue to be ravaged and hollowed out by the opioid epidemic.

And on a national level, I’ve joined so many other Granite Staters who have spoken out and protested against the Trump administration’s horrific and inhumane policies – particularly when it comes to families on our southern border.

In these tough times, experience and resolve matter. I have the experience to hit the ground running in 2019. I have the resolve, acquired through my years as a parent/grandparent, financial analyst and public servant, to keep fighting until I see real change in Concord and in Washington.    
Together with my colleagues, I would begin with these priorities:

  • Restore revenue sharing by the state, which was suspended in 2010 (that includes bringing back the sharing of meals and room tax revenues at the statutorily set rate of 40 percent).
  • Restore the state’s 35 percent contribution to the retirement costs of our local police, teachers, firefighters and other town employees.
  • Increase school building aid and strengthen security for children at our schools while finding a workable way to decrease access to deadly weapons.
  • Increase aid to towns for the repair and replacement of red-listed bridges.
  • Focus on the safety of children and at-risk families.
  • Bring back our once-envied mental health services.
  • Increase opioid and other substance abuse treatment.

We also need affordable education from kindergarten through college for today’s high technology jobs, high-speed internet access for all our towns, affordable housing for young and old, conservation of our beautiful environment, and clean efficient energy, such as solar.

There is so much I’d like to accomplish for the people of our state. There’s so much I can accomplish, with your help. In the weeks and months to come, I hope you will join me as I campaign throughout our district. I’d like to hear what you are looking for from your representative and what you need to see happen in Concord. You can find my campaign page on Facebook or you can email me at: electdavidkarrick@nullgmail.com

Together, we can build a government that works for the well-being of all of our citizens – young and old – instead of the privileged and the wealthy few. Together, we can make New Hampshire work for all of us.