Draft Minutes of Board Meeting July 18, 2018

By George Heaton

FNRT-MC, Draft Minutes of Board Meeting
July 18, 2018
Andover Hub, Andover
Causes of Celebration:  July Meeting Highlights Special Events
In Summer and Fall
Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Board Attendees: Alex Bernhard, George Heaton, Craig Heim, Lindy Heim, Myra Mayman, Nita Tomaszewski
Loyal Supporters:  Charlie Baer, Prescott Towle
Business Matters:
1. Minutes of June 2018 Board Meeting, accepted unanimously without amendment.
2. Treasurer’s Report, submitted in absentia by Steve Darling.  
The funds available for Trail maintenance and improvement have now likely reached the year’s high point, after a successful Annual Appeal and other sources of fundraising (see Celebratory Events, below).

FNRT-MC expresses special appreciation for the recently awarded grant of $5,000 from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, to be used — as these funds have been in past years — for multiple Trail-sustaining activities.
3. Support for Extension of NRT through Boscawen.
Within the last month, the Town of Boscawen voted to submit an application to TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) for funding to extend the NRT from its current southern terminus to the Hannah Dustin park.  In strong support of these plans, FNRT-MC agreed to underwrite the cost of a professional appraisal of the land to be acquired for this purpose.
4. Cancellation of August Meeting.  Due to schedule conflicts for Board members – and thanks to the smooth progress in ongoing projects (see Reports, below), which obviates the need for near-term Board action – the previously scheduled August Board meeting has been canceled.
The next Board Meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 19, at the Andover Hub, 7PM.
Reports on Ongoing Projects:
1. Maintenance.  Alex Bernhard reported on Chris Norris’ progress in overseeing culvert and ditching work and bridge railing repair, as previously approved by the Board.  Two negotiated bids are on the verge of acceptance, with work to be commenced soon and completed in the fall.
2. Mowing.  The Trail has been mowed from end to end, as contracted, and the result discussed by the Board.  The sense of the discussion was that a different mowing technique should be undertaken in future years to give a better result.  Alex Bernhard will discuss possibilities with the mowing contractor.
3. Next Year’s Annual Appeal.  Myra Mayman and Jim Lerner have been discussing the possibility of using MailChimp – for its virtues of ease, speed, and cost — as the first vehicle for next year’s Annual Appeal.  As the Board fully approved this initiative, Myra and Jim will begin planning for it.
4. Trail Counts and Lighting.  Tom Frantz reported, in absentia, on plans for the installation of trail counts and lighting at the Lawrence St. culvert in Andover.  These plans should soon be coming to fruition.
5. Tree Removal.  Prescott Towle reported on his own and other volunteers’ steadfast efforts in removing trees and other debris from the Trail.  This vital activity is much appreciated.

Celebratory Events for the Trail, Recent Past and Soon-to-Come:
1. Andover Fourth of July Celebration.  The traditional 4th of July celebration in Andover saw the FNRT-MC booth attract a large number of enthusiastic Trail users and others.  Pairs of volunteers staffed the booth, with great success in selling raffle tickets – this year, either for a bicycle or a weekend at Highland Lake Inn — and publicizing the Trail.  (Drawing Aug. 5, Andover Historical Society Old Time Fair)
2. Wilmot Farmers Market.  The FNRT-MC booth made its way to Wilmot on Saturday, July 14, thanks to Lindy and Craig Heim and Charlie and Kim Baer.  A significant amount of donations was happily received.
3. Andover Old Time Fair.  On Sunday, August 5, the Andover Historical Society Old Time Fair will again be held, 9 – 2, at Potter Place.  Among many other activities, the FNRT-MC will draw the raffle tickets that win its yearly prizes: a “Trail-riding bicycle,” or a two-night weekend at the Highland Lake Inn in East Andover.  NOTE: You do not need to be present to win.
4. First and Possibly Annual “What are the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail Doing with My Donation?” Bike Ride.  Saturday September 22, 11 AM, Potter Place, rain or shine. Stay tuned or check out FNRT.org calendar or Facebook page for more information on this fun and informative look at the Trail, its beauties, ditches and culverts.
5. Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper.  Wednesday, October 10, 6 PM, Highland Lake Inn, East Andover.  All friends of the Trail are invited to bring a dish and join in the joy of the Annual PotLuck Supper, which will take place after the conclusion of the Annual Meeting (5:30 PM for Board only).
Respectfully submitted, George Heaton