Howard Wilson

Howard Linton Wilson, Jr., long time resident of Andover, passed away December 20, 2017, in Austin Texas of complications of bladder cancer. Howard had gone to Texas in August 2015 so that his sister, Meg Wilson could help take care of him.

Howard came to Andover in 1967, after visiting so many times in childhood, to live with grandmother Frieda Wilson, after he got out of the Army. He worked at Proctor Academy as a cook and lived with Grammy Wilson until she passed away and then he took a trip across the country, working in California for a while.  

He came back to Andover in 1981, when he and our father, Howard L. Wilson Sr. built his house on Agony Hill Road.  Howard lived happily in Andover, where he created a yard maintenance business and worked part time for the city dump (excuse me, the transfer station #2) for 10 years.  He was proud to have been elected as an Andover Selectman, serving from 1991-1997. Prior to that he had served on the Andover Budget Committee, as chairman, from 1984-1987.  He served on that committee again from 2003-2006.

Many remember Howard most notably for his tireless work on behalf of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party.  He served as their Vice Chair from 2006-2014. And many will remember that he was a perennial candidate for some NH office, ranging from local and State offices to Congress.

He worked to read and he lived to do politics.  He stood out for his size (6’6”); for the dragon tattoo on his back; for his early Mohawk (got rid of it when it got stylish); for his tireless campaigning; for his junk dealing; for his hard work; for his booth at many local events where he sold books and stuff and always offered political buttons and bumper stickers; and for his lectures on libertarianism.

Howard didn’t want to leave Andover, leave his dear friend Natalie, leave his customers, move from his house and all the books in it, leave a lifetime of memories.  But, you can’t live in rural NH if you aren’t allowed to drive, are poor, and have serious health problems. May he rest in peace.