Susan Chase

By Susan Chase

I’m writing to show my support for the candidacy of David Karrick in his campaign to represent Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner and Webster as one of our two State Representatives.

David has served two terms in the Legislature where he served on the crucial Ways and Means Committee.  He’s made tough decisions about taxation and revenues for important state programs, carefully helped manage the county services which are vital to our most vulnerable citizens, and knows the ins and outs of town government as well, having served two terms as a Warner selectman.  

David is facing opposition in the September 11 Democratic primary.  As a woman, I’m really excited to see more female faces in politics.  However, as a resident of Merrimack District 25, I’m looking for a candidate with the experience and the resolve to tackle the many challenges ahead — from rising taxes and the opioid epidemic to a lack of state funding for key priorities such as maintaining high-quality public education to prepare our students for tomorrow’s jobs and to attract businesses to our state.  

David Karrick has a track record as someone who will listen to the people he represents and work hard to deliver what we need from Concord.  I hope readers will join me in voting for him on September 11.
Susan Chase
Andover, NH