Elizabeth Gabert

By Elizabeth Gabert

I LOVE THIS COUNTRY… our past, our present and our future! We are not perfect as only God is perfect. But the United States of America is by far the most amazingly generous and prosperous land of opportunity the world has ever known. And if you don’t believe this then I would encourage you to go live for a while in any other country in the world to become enlightened to this fact, as I have. And for those who wish to “fundamentally transform” this country from the Constitutional Republic established by our ingenious founders less than 250 years ago, into something else, I beg you to leave and go find what you are looking for elsewhere!

With this said, and if you agree with me, then I would ask you to please vote to send Eddie Edwards to Washington D.C. to represent us in CD1! Eddie’s early life story was difficult but inspiring, and an example of the American Dream! Eddie has all that it takes to do the job… just look at his resume as a  Veteran, a Police Commissioner, a small business owner and a NON POLITICIAN!

But most importantly I know without a doubt that Eddie has the honesty and integrity that I, from this day forward, will always expect from my elected officials. I for one will not vote for another candidate who lacks these two essential principles!! Eddie Edwards lives these principles and is the real deal!!

I hope you agree with me about the importance of honesty and integrity that we should expect not only from one another, but also from the folks that we, as American citizens, have the responsibility to send to represent us in our towns, our state, and in Washington D.C.

If you agree then you must vote for Eddie Edwards September 11th for U.S. Congress in CD1!


Liz Gabert

Bedford, NH