Silence is Not Always Golden

As an immigrant from Germany I have been exposed to European History since my early childhood. Looking back today, I find parallels in attempts to change our society, our country’s legal structure and our civil liberties by destroying the image and credibility of our free press, by damaging the reputation of courts and judges, and by blaming target groups for the shortcomings of others. These movements never result in a positive development of a society, and they are only made possible through the silence of the people, the voters.

To vote responsibly is our American duty that gives us the power to take part in governing, each one of all of us is responsible for the ensuing result through action or non-action.

To empower and restore the legislative system of “Checks and Balances” in our current government, your vote for Democrats in November is needed! One party holding majority power in all branches is dangerous and has serious consequences for our future freedoms.

For yourself–For your family–And for all of us.

Pecco Beaufays
East Andover