Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – August 8 Meeting

By Mary Anne Broshek

Present: Mary Anne Broshek, Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Jesse Schust, Alan McIntyre

NHDES letter approving Wetlands Complete Forestry Notification for logging to be done by Granite Forestry Trust- 23-611-532.  Mary Anne has written to the Trust to see if they might be interested in a conservation easement.
NHDES Wetlands permit approval for Proctor pond dredging project.

Eversource Powerline Pole Replacement Project
Eversource representatives (Lydia Morton, Matthew Cardin and Catalina Celentano) attended the meeting to share details of their upcoming ‘Line M127 Structure Replacement’ which aims to replace 23 wooden power transmission poles with metal structures which are less vulnerable to damage.  These poles are located between Kearsarge Mountain Road and Bradley Lake Road. This project was commenced due to a damaged pole near Bradley Lake Road and access will be best achieved from Kearsarge Mountain Road. The access road will be constructed with temporary mats and bridges to protect wetlands and areas vulnerable to erosion.  During construction Normandeau Associates will do weekly checks to confirm that Eversource is complying with environmental requirements. There will be truck traffic and drilling, but no blasting. Eversource is hoping to use Dawes Road (unmaintained Class 6) off Bridge Road and the CC agreed that this would be a suitable route. It was noted that Dawes road is classified as a scenic road.  Eversource will leave this road in as good or better condition than current. Civil construction work will start in August and line work will commence October/November with restoration to follow. All nearby property owners will be mailed notifications of the work and contact details for further enquiries. Eversource will also conduct door to door notification. This work will not require power outages.

Jesse and Alan will look at the key wetland crossings of the intended access road and identify any issues that might need to be addressed.  Jesse will contact the Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway about putting up signage when part of the trail is closed for a day or two while structures are put into place for the access road.  Eversource plans to submit an article to the Beacon informing the local community of the work and strategy. Alan will conduct pre and post visits to the site.

Renewal of Commission Terms
The terms of all Conservation Commission members have been approved by the Selectboard.  Jesse, Tina and Alan have been sworn in at the Town Office for CC terms. The other members will do this as soon as they are able.  

Bog Pond
We discussed the recent history of the lands surrounding Bog Pond and Earle Chase’s recommendations. Mary Anne distributed a vision statement based on those recommendations and changes were made to incorporate the gravel excavation plans.  Mary Anne will contact Paul Currier to review the vision statement changes and to develop a unified approach with the Planning Board. We will continue to work with the Town to determine what land can be placed under conservation easements now and to explore options with other landowners. So far, two landowners have been contacted.  Jesse and Alan will identify the next group of landowners to be contacted.
Jesse has contacted the state prison regarding the design and purchase of wetlands markers and will report back progress next month.

Alan will submit an article to the Beacon announcing and describing features of the new Conservation Commission website.  

Verizon Cell Tower
We do not know who will serve as the Forester at the Verizon site during the clearance of the work site and access route.  We will be requesting additional funds for monitoring the 150 foot landscape easement (forest buffer) which has been agreed to with Verizon.

Wetlands Presentation
Jesse will let Marion of Wilmot CC know who to contact at Proctor to arrange use of the Stone Chapel.

Co-occurrence Map
Alan will reach out to Harvey Pine (who is away) to determine how the ACC can access the map of Andover wetlands and how the co-occurrence maps can be updated with the latest information.  

Bradley Lake
We discussed the planned logging at Bradley Lake (White/Bendixen).  Bradley Lake residents have asked whether this is still planned and indications are that the logging is intended to continue this winter.  In July, we were advised by Jay Aube at NHDES that “NHDES staff members performed a site inspection in the spring and determined the erosion control devices were installed and functioning as designed – no evidence of silt or sediment migrating into Bradley Lake was observed.  We plan to perform an additional site inspection shortly.”
We will follow up with Jay on the later site visit.

Beaver Deceiver Meeting With DOT
Vicky Mishcon advised the ACC that a meeting took place with the Selectboard, John Thompson and Skip Lisle to discuss the benefits of beaver deceivers as a statewide policy.  The meeting went well and there will be future meetings beginning with the trails division at DRED.

Other Business
Alan is arranging a bat conservation program for October 11th or 19th.  He is also arranging a climate change in NH program on October 4th at 4:30 PM.  Both will be held at Proctor, and open to the community.

Alan is working on an article about the Proctor pond dredging, for the Beacon.