Andover Book Club November 2018

By Janet Moore

The Library Book Club will meet again on the 4th Wednesday of November, the 28th, at the Bachelder Library in East Andover. Our selection will be “The Bean Trees,” prize-winning author Barbara Kingsolver’s first book. Kentucky native Taylor Greer leaves home to drive across America, and while passing through Cherokee territory in Oklahoma, an Indian woman hands her a small child to keep. Taylor and the newly named “Turtle” proceed on their journey, landing in Tucson, where they learn to navigate the justice system, deal with Native American parental rights, and establish friendship and family. If you’re a Kingsolver fan, her first book and its sequel, “Pigs in Heaven,” are well worth re-reading. Never had the pleasure? Come join us and get ready for an introduction to an alternate American family life from Turtle and Taylor’s point of view.